Positives outweigh negatives in season finale

Photo by Kyle Paup
The girls volleyball season ended on Oct. 27 with a loss in the second game of regional play. Senior captain Ronni Katarzynski serves against St. Francis High School.

By Kyle Paup, Editor in Chief

After a loss in the second round of regional play on Oct. 27, the girls volleyball season has come to a close.

According to head coach Kris Hasty, one of the season’s greatest moments was beating Wheaton Warrenville South High School in the first match of regionals to advance against St. Francis High School.

Senior captain Ronni Katarzynski also recognized this achievement as a highlight of the season.

“My favorite moment was winning our first regional game, it was probably the best game we played. We didn’t let anything stop us from going home with a victory,” Katarzynski said. “It was intense but we stuck together as a team. It was the first time, my four years being on varsity, that we passed round one of regionals. Even though we got knocked out the next round there was no doubt in my mind that we gave our best all season.”

The team lost against St. Francis in the second match of regionals with a score of 25-7 for the first set and 25-13 in the second.

“It wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows but you never can expect that, the awesome part though is we never let the negatives break us apart,” Katarzynski said. “Every single person that has gone through this program is family to me.”

Aside from regionals, the team placed third in conference with a record of 4-2, and an overall record of 21-15 for the season.

“Any time we get over 20 wins you feel good, so it’s been a good season,” Hasty said.

Katarzynski assures newcomers that although there will be difficulties, joining the program will be a positive experience that is worth their time.

“Being a student athlete is hard, but once you push through it you will feel so accomplished. There will be moments when you want to throw in the towel, but everyone has those moments. It is well worth it in the end,” Katarzynski said. “I am very sad this season is over, I’ve changed a lot as a person because of this program. This program helped me become who I am today.”

While being a part of the program as a student athlete is rewarding, much of the reward comes from the relationships formed in the process.

“The girls who are just your teammates now may be your best friends throughout your high school experience. At least that’s how it was for me, so don’t take these years for granted, don’t let drama take over your team and have fun. I know it’s cliche to say ‘have fun’ but it helps so much and makes your experience ten times better,” Katarzynski said.