West Chicago’s girls’ soccer star Daisy Garcia is a fierce player and leader


Photo by Leslie Fireman

Senior Daisy Garcia is a two-time soccer captain at West Chicago Community High School.

By Sasha Baumgartner , Managing Editor

First, the player runs fiercely down the field, dribbling the ball between the opposing team’s feet. Then it finally hits her – as the sweat drips down her face and her cleats dig into the earth – she has the perfect opportunity to score a goal.

And score she has: senior Daisy Garcia has led the West Chicago Community High School’s girls’ soccer team to seven wins so far this year, and she is committed to do the same in college soccer while getting a teaching degree at Judson University in Elgin, Illinois, starting this fall. 

The early stages of Daisy’s soccer career mostly involved playing in the backyard with her brother, which kick-started her interest in the game. But then when she was five years old, Daisy started playing at a park district level. Once her love for soccer sparked, she began to train with her brother, Jesus Garcia, in addition to competing with different clubs in the area. 

At first she was kind of scared, but then she started loving to play, most of the time in the goalie position. Her brother, Jesus, was part of her training in her early years. He is the one that saw the great potential in Daisy.  I was really impressed [with] how she handled the game and how tough she was,” Daisy’s mother, Margarita Vazquez, said.

Throughout the years, Daisy played primarily on club teams: Addison United in Addison, Illinois, and then followed her coach to DuPage Soccer Academy Limited (DPSAL), where she has been part of a boys’ team for several years. 

Daisy bringing the ball up the field at the home stadium against Glenbard North. (Photo by Mang Pi)

“I’ve been playing with guys since I was fifteen,” Daisy said.

In fact, the first time she played on a girls’ team was in high school.

“The pace of the game is different. The competition and aggression is really different,” Daisy said.

Daisy was first named the captain of the girls’ Varsity soccer team at WEGO in 2022. According to her parents, she has always been a natural leader, so stepping up to the captain position was very fitting. This year, she is captain once again, leading and supporting her teammates to success. 

“It was a struggle when I first got the title of being a captain because I felt like there was pressure. But that was last year, and now I feel like it’s more fun. Now I don’t kind of think of it like having a title,” Daisy said. 

Daisy’s leadership extends not just to the Varsity players, but also to the underclassmen teams. A major part of being a leader is connecting the teams and making sure everyone feels a part of the soccer program. 

Daisy will include us freshmen by telling us to join her group, and not necessarily treating us like freshmen, but equals, which helps us not feel left out and we bond more,” freshman Ale Munoz said. 

Her contagious and upbeat personality also helps players feel connected. 

Varsity soccer seniors include, from left to right: Montserrat Tapia, Jenna Zeitoun, Ariana Hernandez, Nicole Murphy, and Daisy Garcia. (Photo by Lifetouch)

I would describe Daisy as a mentor to everyone on the team, especially for the underclassmen who are new to the program, she makes them feel welcome and not be afraid to express who they are. She is also always with a positive mentality even when we are down in the game, she tells us to put our heads up and keep fighting for victory,” fellow teammate and Leslie Garnica-Alanis said. 

Daisy’s attitude has impacted the program as a whole, and led to greater confidence in her own game. 

As of April, Daisy has scored a total of five goals and has also assisted five goals, demonstrating her skills as a well-rounded midfield player. 

I would describe Daisy’s style of play as a kid having tons of fun when she is playing, she is a happy kid on the soccer field. The game is also demanding of her as a player to be effective and she also has a big task to do, because she carries a target on her back, also being a captain and a leader on the team. I know she loves the challenge,” Varsity soccer coach Cesar Gomez said. 

Under her leadership, and with the help of this year’s skilled players, the girls’ soccer team is practically undefeated

On and off the field, Daisy, also known as Dizzle Dazzy, is known for having fun and enjoying her life to the fullest. Whether in math class or scoring the first goal of the game, Daisy shows up. She may become angry at times; however, Daisy’s perseverance always prevails.  

“Her personality is crazy sometimes. She’s funny all the time, [and] into life. Like me,” said Daisy’s father, Jesus Garcia.