Brittany Abdishi: a coach with many future adventures


Abdishi snowboards in Wisconsin, an activity she typically does about 4 times a year.

By Julissa Munoz, Reporter

There is only one teacher at West Chicago Community High School who is an Illinois State University grad, Wheeling resident, former Buffalo Grove High School student, previous softball and basketball player (and still a softball enthusiast), dog lover, coach, and P.E. facilitator. If Brittany Abdishi came to mind, it is clear someone knows their WEGO staff members! 

When I had headed to her office with my notebook in one hand on a Wednesday afternoon, the girls’ locker room was buzzing with students. I opened the door to Abdishi’s office, and she turned around and greeted me before quickly explaining we would have to start heading to another room because it would be too loud in her office. She grabbed her water bottle, which was covered in stickers, as well as her keys, and we made our way to a health classroom in the new part of the building, making small talk about softball along the way. 

When we arrived at the classroom, the lights automatically turned on. Abdishi headed to the comfy teacher chair that was situated in the classroom, and I grabbed a stool, moving it so I could face Abdishi. She took a seat and got situated, crossing her legs and sporting a WEGO baseball black hoodie with some leggings. 

P.E. teacher and coach Brittany Abdishi traveled to Arkansas for her new Golden Retriever puppy. (Photo courtesy of Brittany Abdishi)

Since first grade, Abdishi explained, she knew she wanted to be a teacher, although she was not sure what subject she wanted to teach. 

I was fortunate enough to always have such positive, upbeat teachers growing up, which made me want to grow up and continue being an educator that had that same effect on my students,” said Abdishi.

Many people’s “idol” or inspiration in life is their father or mother, but for Abdishi, it was her P.E. teacher at Buffalo Grove High School.

“Funny enough, my high school physical education teacher was also my coach, and she is someone that I have looked up to, since I met her freshman year. I didn’t always want to do physical education, I wanted to do education, and she really just steered me towards that path. I’ve always looked up to her, and I still keep in touch with her now,” said Abdishi.

Sports have always played a major role in Abdishi’s life: she grew up playing softball, including on a travel softball team. Throughout her youth, the first thing Abdishi looked forward to as the weekend approached was softball. The excitement she felt being with her team, having a good time, instilled a love for the sport. Weekend-long tournaments were Abdishi’s favorite and most memorable moments of softball, but she enjoyed all the time she spent with her friends and teammates between games.

Now, Abdishi coaches the girls’ JV softball team at West Chicago Community High School.

Abdishi is a wonderful coach, she can have fun but knows when it’s time to work,” said sophomore Sophia Brown.  

Sophomore Kayliana Koeune said, “Coach Abdishi is a wonderful coach, she is fun but also knows when to be serious and when to hold us accountable. She is funny and nice, and super approachable.”

Prior to working at WEGO, Abdishi attended Illinois State University, an experience she greatly enjoyed, but found difficult initially. Having grown-up in a tight-knit family, she felt homesick her first semester at college. 

Abdishi is in the middle, with her two younger brothers; Zach on the right and Tyler on the left. (Photo courtesy of Brittany Abdishi)

“I was so dependent on my family that [when] I left, I didn’t know how to be on my own,” said Abdishi. “Even school was tough, academically. So I really had to push through that first semester, and then I got used to it, and I loved it.”

Abdishi started working at West Chicago Community High School in 2020. Teaching P.E. through Zoom was a challenge for her, and many other teachers. 

“I’m proud of getting through my first two years of teaching in a very unpredictable environment,” said Abdishi, who started her career in the midst of the pandemic. 

Once all the students returned to in-person learning, she found she fit into a rhythm. 

From the get-go, Abdishi felt really connected to the students at WEGO. She feels like the students are very open to her. 

Abdishi said, “I feel like any student that I talk to, I’m always learning.”   

Her teaching style resonates with students as well. 

Senior Chris Doukas said, “She cares about all the students in the class and brings positive energy into the class environment. I have enjoyed having Abdishi as my physical education teacher this semester.”

“She makes learning feel like a safe environment, where it is okay to mess up,” said sophomore Isaac Hernandez, who took Behind-the-Wheel with Abdishi. “[She takes] the time to teach you the subject in a way you can interpret. She is an example of what teaching should be like.”

Abdishi’s first impression of the school centered around the strong sense of community that WEGO has. She was and still is, amazed to see everyone come together in other ways outside of school. The sense of family is really hard to miss at WEGO, Abdishi explained. 

Abdishi at her hike at the Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. (Photo courtesy of Brittany Abdishi)

Abdishi said, Everyone here is so excited and willing to share their backgrounds and cultural lifestyles, which is so exciting to hear about and educate myself.”

Looking toward the future, Abdishi hopes to obtain her master’s degree in administration, and perhaps work her way up to a position in the dean’s office, or as an Athletic Director.

When Abdishi is not working, she is usually traveling somewhere in the United States. Her goal is to travel to all 50 states. Her favorite destination so far has been Yosemite National Park in California, where she enjoyed the perfect weather and scenery she experienced. 

On the weekends, she can also be found lifting at the gym – a priority she makes sure to schedule in regularly – or hanging out with friends, but tries to make relaxation a goal on Sundays.