Top 5 clothing brands for the style-conscious in 2022


A stylish individual wearing a baggy Louis Vuitton outfit with some Nike shoes walks around the Chicago area, gazing into shops like TopShop, Gucci, Kate Spade, MCM, Ragstock, Express and more. Each store offers amazing outfits and accessories that allow a person to express how they feel on a daily basis. Anyone who is interested in modeling or showing has great taste in clothing knows where to shop in the city, and what brands to look for. Below are the top 5 clothing brands for style-conscious people in 2022.


#5 : H&M


Combining different clothing to make a perfect outfit for the day. (Photo by H and M)

H&M is all about expressing one’s feelings through clothing. The international brand believes in giving each independent person the confidence they need. They offer lines for men, women, and children/babies, and more recently, they added an H&M Home collection that includes tableware, home storage, and bedding. The upcoming summer collection features bright shades of lime green, royal purple, and soft orange. This year, H&M is banking on skirts and dresses, with a variety of midis, minis, and maxis available in a variety of styles and fabrics. They also expect linen and silk outfits to be best-sellers.


#4 : Nike

Having the ability to match any clothing to different brands of shoes is essential in 2022. Nike gives people the ability to show off through sneakers that are both comfortable and on-trend. 

The most comfortable shoes from 2021 included the Nike Air VaporMax, which have a comforting sole for your feet:

People taking pictures of their clothing to express themselves. (Photo by Nike)

much better than wearing heels or sandals. Like H&M, Nike is banking on bright colors this season, a nice change from the neutrals that were trending a few years back. The brand has new Air Max Plus styles worth checking out for men, and new Air Max 90 Premium shoes for women.



#3 : Adidas

K-pop group Blackpink collaborates with a variety of different companies, such as Adidas who runs several campaigns throughout the year featuring the stylish

Members of the group Black Pink modeling for addidas. (Photo by Addidas)

group. As people who like Blackpink’s music see their affinity for the Adidas brand, they want to buy those items.  K-Pop aside, Adidas is known for comfort. They offer exercise gear for people who like to workout, and a wide range of running shoes and soccer cleats in addition to their signature sandals. Adidas uses what is known as Boost technology to enhance the comfort of their footwear.



#2 : Louis Vuitton

K-pop group BTS also gets involved with different brands like Louis Vuitton, a luxury company known for its handbags. Louis Vuitton has numerous styles, including purses that feature its signature initials, fancy jewelry and shoes.

Model wearing Louis Vuitton fall collection of 2020 by Virgil Abloh (Photo by Vouge )

However, their products are expensive, and range in price from $270 to $150,000. A bracelet from Louis Vuitton will set you back $500 easily, so this brand is definitely for those who have a lot of savings. The Michigan Avenue store is considered a flagship, and includes security guards at the entrance.


#1 : Gucci

On the subject of fashion and its many connections to K-pop, Gucci is no stranger to the genre: V of BTS expresses his appreciation for the clothing brand by serving as a model for the luxury brand. V, called the “Gucci King”, mostly wears the brand’s clothing,

One of the BTS members is Kim Taehyung (V-stage name), modeling for Gucci. (Photo by Gucci)

using really bright colors to express his personality and indicate he is enjoying his time in the spotlight. Like Louis Vuitton, Gucci’s items, which center around handbags but also include clothing, are a bit more expensive for the average teenager: a sweater, for example, might start at $1400. The company focuses on eclectic patterns and styles that will not appeal to everyone, but are fun to look at.