The “in” colors this prom season


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By Karina Lemus, Reporter

After 2 school years in which West Chicago Community High School students had no official prom, this year will bring back the much-anticipated event. Of course, the thought on every junior and senior’s mind right now is what to wear (and who to invite). This year, there are so many new colors and designs for dresses and tuxedos, but nobody wants to show up wearing the same dress or color as someone else. So, to help avoid a fashion faux pas, here are the top 3 colors likely to be worn at prom, and a couple of separate ideas for those colors.

Not many people know what colors to wear to prom and what looks best. In fact, prom is one of the hardest school dances to get ready for – and the most expensive. If significant money is going to be spent on a dress and tux, they better be the perfect color.

Although hot pink is the “it” color this year, all shades will likely be present on the dance floor. (Photo by Vampal Dresses)

This prom season, one of the must-wear colors for prom is hot pink. Many girls will be wearing shades of magenta this year for prom. as it is a vibrant, feminine color that will for sure catch the eye of many, especially on the dance floor. Hot pink is a bold statement that can still be classy and elegant. But, if you are not into the bright color of magenta, pastel pink is always a good way to go too.  Classy and simple is always cute.

Green dresses are expected to be a popular choice this year, though the color did not make its way onto the Wildcat Chronicle’s poll, below. (Photo by Faviana)

Many people have the idea to wear green-colored dresses this year for prom. Green is a beautiful color, especially for those with olive skin tones. With so many different shades of green, you can be assured other people wont have your color. Consider emerald, mint, pear, and moss – all beautiful shades. Pastel green can work as well, as it is elegant and classy.

Navy blue is always one of the most-worn colors in prom. It is stylish, bright, and fancy all at once. That said, a pastel blue is always an option if you are thinking of wearing blue but do not want navy. In fact, there are so many shades of blue – for example, baby blue, aquamarine, sapphire, royal blue – all so beautiful. Really, the options are endless. You can always find a shade for you.

Blue is a classy and classic color that never goes out of style. (Photo by Amarra)

I personally will not be attending prom, but I was going to and had a blue dress in mind. With my last-minute change of mind, I have decided not to go anymore and will be traveling to Florida instead. Nonetheless, I have helped and seen a lot of girls with their dresses, and while there have been a lot of similar choices, each ensemble was unique. It is exciting to get dressed up and take photos with your friends or significant other. If I were going, I intended to wear an embellished satin gown by Cinderella Divine.

In February, the Wildcat Chronicle conducted a vox pop to gather student opinions about the upcoming event:

Junior Anna Lesny said, “I will be wearing green to prom.”

“I’m wearing a nice long green dress,” said senior Mariana Lopez.

However, senior Daniela Luna said, “I don’t really have a dress yet, but I’m planning on wearing a light blue dress.”

On March 17, the newspaper created a poll on Instagram, asking followers what color they will be wearing to prom. WEGO students’ top colors? Red and pink.

Photo by Leslie Fireman

Several of these choices are right on-trend, while others break with what is “in” and dare to be more individual.

In terms of color, there are always many ways to go when choosing a prom dress: if you would like more ideas, check out Norman’s Bridal.