Enthusiastic musician: William Antonio


Photo by William Antonio

Humans of Wego: William Antonio at school with a good friend.

By Ryan Pencek, Reporter

William Antonio, a junior at West Chicago community high school, and I were in a music practice room on October 19th, at 12:58 pm at the time of the interview, which was a fitting environment for this music enthusiast. The room was small and had no windows, only sound pads on the wall that amplified the sound of his violin, which he played as we spoke. He was wearing Jeans and a sweatshirt and playing bits of music on his violin as we talked.

It was in the fourth-grade that William first found his passion for music. The Leman Middle School band performed at Pioneer Elementary School, trying to recruit more students to get into music. The experience really excited William, and he was enthusiastic to try something new. But, when he tried to sign-up for the band, he was not allowed because he was not in fifth grade yet, a major disappointment. Although William was able to join the orchestra, he was hesitant: “I wanted to leave at first. But then I thought to myself, why not join the orchestra? So I signed up to play the violin because the teacher said it would prepare me to play the trumpet, and I said ok.”

In the end, William joined the orchestra, and since that day has continued to develop musically. As a violin player, William is in the symphony orchestra at West Chicago Community High School. He also plays trumpet in the concert band, and has done since fifth grade, when he was at last permitted to join Leman Middle School’s band program.

“I like doing music. Those are my best two classes out of all my classes, and Mrs. J. is a wonderful teacher,” said William.

Band teacher Marissa Janisewski has to say “Will is one of those students, that as a teacher, I feel like I can always depend on. Whether I need an extra set of hands to move equipment or if I need a student to step up and take on a leadership role, I feel that I can always count on Will to step up.”

In the future, William wants to further his music education by participating in as many musical events in and out of school as possible, he explained as he plucked the strings of his violin. He hopes to be a drum major for the band at West Chicago Community High School.

William and some band friends on a night of a performance. (Photo by William Antonio)

“I can’t wait for drum major registration next year, because I am literally going to be the first one to turn that paper in,” said William.
His enthusiasm does not come as a surprise to his close friends, including senior Daniela Luna, who explained, “I’ve known William since eighth grade. And I would say he is funny, definitely energetic all the time. And he loves green tea.”

In fact, William would describe himself as “energetic, outgoing and stressed.”

At home, William has a sister named Kailey who is in sixth grade, and is following in his footsteps on a musical journey of her own. He tries to help give her pointers, but she usually declines his input.

Sadly, William also had a German Shepherd named Junior that lived with other family members in Mexico, but passed away.

William has many future goals, such as going to college to further his education to study law, medicine, be a teacher or play music; ultimately, he is still deciding.

William and some close friends. ( Photo by: William Antonio )