Bringing life to WeGo with yearbook

By Fernando Calvillo-Morales, Reporter

Challenge, the school’s yearbook, is definitely facing challenges this year, but it is moving ahead to publish the 2020-21 book.

“(We want) to compose a yearbook that accurately chronicles this school year,”LRC director and Adviser Carol Naughton said.

Ten students are working together on the yearbook.

“Yearbook is starting to put together layouts and working to come up with content to put together a meaningful yearbook given our extraordinary circumstances,” Naughton said. 

Yearbook meets Thursdays from 3:30-5:30 p.m. in the LRC. 

Although making progress, remote learning makes it difficult to cover activities. 

“We spent the entire first half of the school year remote, which cancelled many of the activities and sports we would normally cover in the yearbook,” Naughton said. “While the yearbook staff brainstormed ways to depict what has been going on this year, communicating with students to gather replacement content has been difficult.”

Naughton encourages students to submit pictures to help the yearbook. 

“We would like to get students to submit content on what they have been doing remotely. We made one attempt before Thanksgiving that we put out over social media, but did not get any response,” Naughton said. “Now that we have students in the building and more sports and activities are starting up, things should start moving forward.” 

To submit pictures to the yearbook, students can contact Naughton. 

“Look for postings around the school, in announcements and on social media that request content and share them with your friends on social media,” Naughton said.

Besides creating a book, Challenge is looking to overcome the obstacles of the year.

“(We hope) that we put out a good book and that the staff builds skills and has fun putting together the book,” Naughton said.