Raffle raises riches for refugees


Photo by Catherine Miller

Money generated from raffling Bulls tickets will go to helping refugees. WeGo Global senior members Krishna Patel, Veli Asenova, and Shelley Parat sell raffle tickets at lunch.

By Catherine Miller, Reporter

WeGo Global is raffling Chicago Bulls game tickets at the boys basketball game on Friday to continue efforts to raise money for refugees.

Since deciding to help refugees early in the semester, WeGo Global has partnered with several organizations.

“We have a donor that has season tickets and donated a pair to us,” WeGo Global adviser Margaret Haas said.

This raffle involves a partnership with the boys basketball program.

“We want to have as many people come and support our boys basketball team, and hopefully, we’ll be able to make a couple hundred bucks to help out,” Haas said.

The winner will be announced after the third quarter, and the winner must be present. Club members are selling tickets during lunch hours.

Additionally, the club is putting a focus on educating the public about refugees through announcements.

“We’re trying to let people know that refugees are not people that are criminals,” senior executive board member Aracely Cholula said. “Refugees are people that come from other countries because they need (to).”

WeGo Global also is running a bake sale on the last Tuesday of every month to support the Save the Children organization.

The club is supporting World Relief, Save the Children, raising money for Good Neighbor Kits, and also has plans to work with English teacher Dave Jennings.

“They are currently working on partnering with Mr. Jennings on doing a video that’s kind of highlighting refugees and kids,” Haas said.

WeGo Global is hoping to be able to help many  refugees through their various projects and fundraisers.

“They go through a lot here. Once they’re here it’s really hard for them to assimilate to our country and our people,” senior executive board member Leticia Guereca said. “It’s better if we help them out because it will make it easier for them.”