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[PHOTO ESSAY] It’s a ‘catfight’ for boys’ baseball

As the Varsity Wildcats’ baseball season comes to a close, they honor their seniors with flowers and a cookout, and celebrate their recent win.

The sound of the country music plays from the press box as the field fills with athletes on a warm spring evening – the quintessential set-up for a game. West Chicago’s boys took on East Aurora’s Tomcats for a true cat fight at Pioneer Park on May 14 as the home team celebrated their 2024 seniors. 

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Photo by Miley Pegg

Before the boys faced the Tomcats, twins Brandon R. Heath and Tyler Heath handed flowers to their mom and shook hands with head coach TJ Nall. These two boys may not look too alike, but they have long been iconic players. Both will continue their athletic careers at Oakton Community College as Owls.

As the boys took an early lead, seniors Drew Zeman (#24) and Kyler Campbell (#19) congratulated each other on their good plays. Both of these boys filled key roles on the Varsity team, playing for all four years: Kyler Campbell as a catcher and hitter, Zeman as a PO (pitcher only).

Senior Dominic Cicero ended his season strong and leaves a legacy as third basemen and left fielder. Cicero is another long-standing player on the Wildcats’ team. After hitting, he made a run to second and eventually led his team to victory later in the game.

Brandon Heath has been pivotal player for the Wildcats through his hard work and dedication to the sport. Brandon’s love for baseball is never questioned, and he exemplifies the grit and discipline it takes to be successful.

Senior Joseph Engstrom ends his season with a blowout. To fans’ surprise, he made it to first base three times and eventually put his team in the lead. Engstrom is a DH, and by his senior year, was playing at specific games like his birthday and Senior Night.

Engstrom’s family and friends created a sign to celebrate his years through baseball – as did the loved ones of all the players. Senior Aaliyah Williams-Perez and alumna Allison Balmer also came to the game to support Engstrom on all of his accomplishments.

Alumni baseball players Gannon Hosticka, Zac Taylor, Jake Holloway and Alex Carr popped-out to support their senior boys. They were joined by Kyler Campbell’s brother, Payton.

“I was a dedicated PO, pitcher only…I graduated in 2021,” alumni Payton Campbell said.

The class of 2024 hopes that one day this will be them, coming out to support their class of 2025 friends when they face East Aurora again.

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