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Winter pep assembly ushers in second semester

Upperclassmen attended the annual event during den time on their first day of class in 2024.

The upperclassmen of West Chicago Community High School united for a pep assembly on Tuesday, January 9, the first day back at school after winter break. The assembly was held in the Bishop Gym during the den period.

The assembly was introduced by the school’s Pep Club, whose members guided the juniors and seniors as to where to sit, and oversaw the player entrances for the students versus staff basketball game, the first event of the assembly. Students had their own entrances, as did the teachers: all were greeted by music and an energetic call out from English teacher Dave Jennings. 

The game got started almost immediately: A team of juniors turned into a team of seniors at the half. Senior Mason Williams went up for two dunks in the game, which made the crowd erupt in cheers. Mason Williams got one off of a breakaway, and another off of a backboard feed from senior Jack Walsh. Although a valiant effort from the teachers, they would take the loss, 13-2. 

“I think this assembly is really fun. I do feel a little bad for the teacher since it’s a little unfair to them in the basketball game, but it’s really fun,” junior Khashika Narain said.

Both teams expressed their excitement for the matchup.

The game was so positive with smiles the whole time, both teachers and students were having a great time, and hearing the students in the crowd get into it was awesome. I really enjoyed it and hope to participate again next year,” junior Jaxon Williams said.

After the basketball game wrapped up, the scavenger hunt started. This game consisted of a big circle of chairs – all with students sitting in them – situated in the center of the gymnasium. Jennings called out what items the participants needed to look for in the crowd, before sending them off to find said object and bring it back to their seat. The last person to their seat was eliminated. 

Some of the items that the contestants looked for included people with red nail polish, and humanities teachers. Tension was high when it came down to the last two people: they had to find the principal, Dr. Will Dwyer, who was hidden within the crowd. Senior Fernando Calvillo-Morales spotted Dwyer first and sprinted to center court. His opponent, senior Jayden Huesca-Rodriguez could not find anyone, and another even swiped a chair out from under another contestant. 

The final part of the assembly included a dance that the students and teachers collaborated on. All of the participants lined up and squatted in two columns; each pair performed a duet and then squatted back down. The song choice was “Scream and Shout” by

“I thought the assembly was pretty fun. There were some funny moments like dunking on the teachers, and then the dancing. Mr. Hayes was pretty funny and Mr. Chisholm did a good job in both,” senior Graham Johnson said.

After the dance, the assembly wrapped up. Although the event was brief, Student Activities Director Marc Wolfe believed the pep assembly had a significant impact on students.

“It’s great way to bring all the students together have some fun celebrate being back together and just enjoy being at school and kick off this semester on a good note,” Wolfe said.

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