District goes one-to-one


Photo by Nayeli Lara

Teachers and students throughout the school are using Chromebooks to enhance the learning experience.

Technology became fully integrated into the school’s learning system as students received district owned Chromebooks.

The school has used Chromebooks in the past, but this is the first time each student has been loaned a personal Chromebook for the school year.

According to Principal Moses Cheng, the idea to implement Chromebooks began about three or four years ago as the benefits became apparent.

“You think about all that’s available on the Internet, not just the information itself, but the tools and the apps that are out there, it just allows teachers to a convey information and maybe more information (than before),” Cheng said.

While the idea began several years ago, the move to implement technology continued with the arrival of Superintendent Doug Domeracki.

“When Dr. Domeracki came along that was obviously something that fit within his vision for the district,” Cheng said. “So with him being here in his first couple years he really put the initiative behind it to see what was already occurring and knowing that this was really the right time to do that and go along with it.”

Having Chromebooks offers students a wider range of information as opposed to what they would normally have access to in the building.

“If you were interested in something beyond what was taught in the classroom you could link that with the technology,” Cheng said. “It allows kids to explore and take advantage of what’s available out there on the Internet.”

The Chromebooks also assist educators with teaching.

“It allows teachers to differentiate a little bit or take the material and find ways to make it more individualized in each kid. For one student it may be just fine to tell you (about information) but for another student they may actually have to see it in a diagram or see it in action, and obviously with what’s available on the internet, you have more possibilities of finding that,” Cheng said.

While the current Chromebooks are a step forward, the school’s technology will still face changes with time.

“It was understood that we have to keep up with technology somehow,” Cheng said. “The life of a Chromebook is about three years. So we already knew going into it that every three years we’re going to have to renew and take a look at the device, do another purchase, and continually renew the technology.”

The Chromebooks will continue to provide benefits for both teachers and students throughout the school year and years to come.

“It just allows for more free flowing dialogue and communication about material and information, so it makes that whole (system) of teaching and learning a lot more dynamic,” Cheng said.