Top 5 influencers to follow for body image boosts


Social media can be used to promote positivity, and the five individuals featured here are true influencers. (Photo illustration by Wildcat Chronicle Staff with credits to Cottonbro Studio and Loli de Elia via Pexels)

By Sasha Baumgartner , Managing Editor

On Instagram, there has been a rise in accounts that are normalizing bodies, specifically women’s bodies, over the years. These are not only inspiring, but also immensely helpful when someone is experiencing a bad body image day, or just needs a boost as a woman. As such, here are the top five Instagram accounts to follow for body image boosts. 

#5- Iskra

At number five is Iskra, a model, mother, and CEO of a body and skin care brand: Saltair. Not only is she an inspiration to follow, taking into consideration her hard work and the management of her company, but also because of the way she posts about her body. She does not filter anything and everything she posts depicts the actual photo, no Photoshopping involved. 

Additionally, Iskra does a fantastic job of captioning her photos with positive messages and ideas that build up women as she continues to break the stigma of the idea that “one size fits all”. 

#4-Megan Jayne Crabbe

Megan Jayne Crabbe photographed in a Rare Beauty campaign. (Photo courtesy of Instagram, used with permission from Megan Jayne Crabbe).

Next on the inspirational women line-up is Megan Jayne Crabbe. She has been recognized for her work with body positivity and empowerment. Crabbe has been featured around the world in magazines such as Teen Vogue and on shows such as “The Today Show”. 

She is a strong, independent woman, and she lets the world know where she stands in her assertive and poised Instagram posts. Crabbe is definitely someone to follow as she builds up women through her incredibleness. 

#3-Victoria Garrick Browne

Coming in at number three is Victoria Garrick Browne. As a Division 1 volleyball player, Brown noticed the toxicity surrounding body image and sports, and decided to do something about it. Starting out, she focused mostly on athletes’ mental health; later, Brown began to advocate specifically for people who suffered from eating disorders. 

Now, she has given “TED Talks” and launched her own podcast, Real Pod, in which she normalizes mental health and educates people around the world on the subject. Listeners can be immersed into a world of safety and understanding when they listen to her podcast, or find encouragement when they follow her on Instagram.

#2- Sarah Nicole Landry

Following the fabulous Brown is mother and influencer Sarah Nicole Landry. She is a body-confident, powerful speaker and influencer on social media. Landry promotes acceptance and comfortability in bodies with all their beauties, and documents her real life on her Instagram, her website and podcast, The Papaya Podcast

She is mother to four children, and so Landry does a lot of work on promoting comfortability with a mother’s changing body and acceptance of postpartum struggles and strengths. This is a fantastic individual to follow on all media platforms because she builds up her followers, and lets them know that they are not alone when struggling with body image. 

#1- Mik Zazon

Mik Zazon pictued in one of her favorite outfits, soaking up the day. (Photo courtesy of Instagram, and used with permission from Mik Zazon).

Last, but certainly not least, is the iconic Mik Zazon . She is an advocate for mental health and eating disorders on her social media platforms. Most importantly, she models the reality of life and how not every day is a perfect fairytale dream. 

Zazon uniquely displays her everyday struggles to let her followers know that they are not alone. As much as she shows the positives and loveliness of life, she also communicates on the hard topics such as struggles with mental health, physical health and relationships, which makes her such an awesome influencer. Whether she is “normalizing normal bodies” or posting a video in which she deeply shares her personal struggles, followers can always count on her page to be an inspirational wonderland where every person can find help and support. Zazon – and all of the strong women listed here – is a must-follow for those seeking body image boosts.