President Biden delivered an eventful State of the Union address

A tattered American Flag waves in the breeze outside of West Chicago Community High School.

Photo by Victor Correa

A tattered American Flag waves in the breeze outside of West Chicago Community High School.

By Victor Correa, Reporter

On Tuesday, February 2, President Joe Biden provided his State of The Union, an address which reflects the president’s accomplishments and goals.

However, upon discussing Medicare/Social Security, Biden (a Democrat) mentions a bill proposed by Republicans of removing Social Security. Outrage ensued between the Republicans and Biden.

Regarding the importance of Medicare/Social Security, in short, these programs ensure financial support from the federal government for senior citizens in retirement or those to begin retirement; assuring seniors, who are significantly susceptible to harm due to old age, they don’t have to work as hard as they did in their younger years.

“They’re old and, if they do their job really well, like in their middle age – people get old and they get arthritis, their brain stops working, they get dementia – they’re not going to be able to do their job well,“ senior Bella Wiehle, a student who is involved in Student Council and actively keeps up to date with political current events, said.

President Biden accused Republicans of proposing a bill which would restrict Social Security, affecting senior citizens. The Republicans retaliated through heckling, some even, such as Marjorie Taylor Green, rebutting that the bill does not exist. However, Biden even prompted the audience to ask him for proof the Bill exists.

The Republicans’ ideology supports more privatized run corporations, local government, and enhancing the economy, even by extreme lengths; as previously stated, the bill wanted to remove Social Security benefits for senior citizens, which in turn, supports corporations by working people to old age.

“What would the Republicans get from that?” Candace Fikis, who teaches AP Macroeconomics, Economics, and American Government at West Chicago Community High School said.

Biden’s State of the Union speech put more emphasis on the importance of Social Security, describing it as “a lifeline for millions of seniors,” a comment which was reciprocated by another standing ovation, this time by both parties.

“Their [Social Security] programs will continue. It’s providing what Social Security is meant to provide. It forced both sides to take a stand. So what it tells seniors is that they’re supported. That ‘I will be okay, when I’m living on a fixed income. That nobody is gonna take anything away from me’,” Bobbi Felfle, American Government and American History teacher, said.

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