Encanto sings into viewers’ hearts

Walt Disney Animation Studios

By Jennifer Carvajal-Romero, Reporter



People of all ages will enjoy watching Encanto, a delightful Disney movie released November 24, 2021. This movie is perfect for viewing with family members on Disney+, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Vudu, Apple TV and/or Amazon Prime Video.

In the film, Alma Madrigal and her husband Pedro, two young love birds, welcome triplets into the family: their names are Bruno, Pepa and Julieta Madrigal. Shortly thereafter, Pedro is killed as attackers ransack their village in Colombia. However, Alma possesses a magical candle, which somehow manages to continue burning and blasts away the attackers before creating a magical realm for the family to live within: Encanto. 

As the years pass by, Alma’s daughters, Julieta and Pepa, each get married: Julieta to Agustin, and Pepa with Felix. Soon after, the young women both give birth to their own children. Alma is happy to be a grandmother of 6 grandchildren (her two daughters each gave birth to 3 children). Interestingly, 5 of the grandchildren have magic powers, but one of the granddaughters, Mirabel, does not. 

The attention to detail and realistic animation in the film is noticeable. (Photo by Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Although she may not have magical abilities, Mirabel is the only member of the family who notices Alma’s candle is flickering, and the Casita, their house, is cracking. Mirabel is determined to save the magic, but as she tries her best to uncover the secrets of the house, its magic, and her uncle Bruno’s earlier disappearance, her world turns upside down. The Madrigal family starts going downhill, metaphorically, losing powers and arguing frequently (Abuela Alma and Mirabel are often at the center of the conflict). Will Mirabel save the magical candle, and her family?  

Encanto is highly recommended. This movie will get people’s attention, and they will be hooked by the music, detailed animation, and the storyline itself. 

One reason viewers will love Encanto is because of the great music featured throughout the movie. Some of the top songs include: “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, “The Family Madrigal”, “Waiting On a Miracle”, “Surface Pressure” and “What Else Can I Do”. A lot of the songs feature interesting instruments, such as accordions, pianos, three-string guitars, the harp, and a cactus-made flute. The music is catchy, clever and inspiring for those who listen to the lyrics. 

Taking into account the fact that most teenagers struggle with difficult issues and pressure from family, one of the songs, “Surface Pressure”, helps older generations understand how hard that sort of pressure can be on one’s self-esteem. Many teens will agree with the song, which includes great lines like “I hide my nerves, and it worsens, I worry something is gonna hurt us… I think about my purpose, can I somehow preserve this?” and “Give it to your sister, your sister’s older. Give her all the heavy things we can’t shoulder. And see if she can handle every family burden, watch as she buckles and bends but never breaks…no mistakes”. Many people, especially older siblings or someone who’s going through some tough time, will be able to relate to the idea of carrying the burden for younger siblings, which is part of the reason why Encanto’s songs are so appealing.

The Madrigal family’s group photo displays the two shades the group wears, and the detail in their attire. (Photo by Disney Animation Studios)

The animation in the film is impressive. Encanto uses computer animation, and fellow reviewer Jon Hofferman describes Disney’s graphics on the film as “beyond anything they have done before.” The details are vivid, the background looks realistic and includes a lot of special little touches and bright colors. As for the Madrigal family, they wear 2 different shades: one side of the family can be seen in cool, blue colors, while the other side of the family wears bright yellow/orange colors.

Since the movie’s release, Disney has capitalized on merchandising, such as this shirt, available at Target for $16.99. (Photo by Target)

Most importantly, though, viewers will be drawn in by the storyline. They will really like how the movie transitions from its sad beginning to a heartwarming ending. They will mourn Abuela Alma’s loss when her husband, Pedro, is killed. They will root for Mirabel as she attempts to bring back the magic to her family and restore their happiness. They will applaud Mirabel’s independence and confidence as well. Viewers will also be intrigued by some of the movie’s sub-plots, including what happened to Bruno, and whether Mirabel’s sister will marry Mariano.

Overall, Encanto is an amazing film, featuring catchy music, detailed animation, and a captivating storyline that viewers of all ages will enjoy. Encanto suggests that there is always a little magic inside everyone – that all people are special in their own ways, and finding that “magic” power is the key to feeling better.