Worth bumping into, but not a separate trip


Photo by Alex Carranza

Reporter Alex Carranza shares the good, the bad, and the so-so about Bumper 2 Burger in Aurora.

By Alex Carranza, Reporter

Bumper 2 Burger , 966 Illinois Rte 59, Aurora, IL 60504 (630-820-9092). Burgers $6-$10; Sandwiches $5-$12 Hot Dogs $3-$6

Do yourself a favor if you’re in Aurora and check out Bumper 2 Burger, a restaurant for those days when you just cannot figure out what to eat. Bumper 2 Burger offers a quick and decent meal whenever you are feeling hungry or simply craving a burger: each of which comes with a unique surprise no other burger places offer. 

I arrived at the restaurant on a Saturday evening, tired after a long day of being out. Hungry, my dad and I decided we should try this new burger place, which opened up a few months ago. As I took my first step into the restaurant, the smell of the food hit even harder than it did while I was still outside. A familiar smell and not exactly a good one to me, provided evidence I was in just another fast food place. The colors of the restaurant are not exactly vibrant, but are not very “gray” either. Not that gray walls are a bad thing: most modern fast food restaurants are decorated in such colors. 

Unexpected: the branding on top of the burger bun was surprising but welcome. (Photo by Alex Carranza)

We were attended immediately by friendly staff, who took our orders. It must have been 5 minutes in between the time it took for them to take our orders and for the food to be prepared and served. Although I cannot recall what music was playing, it was rather calm overall, which was a relief due to how tired I was after a long day, and provided a nice, calming atmosphere. 

While my dad and I were the only ones actually inside of the restaurant, we did notice many cars passing by the drive-thru, and leaving rather quickly, indicating a good, swift service.

The restaurant itself is fairly new, and its modern atmosphere shows it. The restaurant is not exactly a chain, mainly because there are only two locations, one being in Lombard, Illinois, and another in Aurora, Illinois. 

The service was very friendly and helpful, and the staff answered our questions quickly. We asked them what kind of toppings they offered, and they pointed us towards their menu, which answered our question. The food was served fast and without issue, and Bumper 2 Burger’s employees got our orders exactly right. My father and I were left satisfied with the service, and knew that the restaurant was a place we would likely return to again.

However, one must be wary, as new employees in a relatively new restaurant at times may offer great service, but over time the quality of said service may decline. Only time will tell how good the work ethic and assistance at Bumper 2 Burger will remain. 

Although the restaurant offers the standard soft drink options, it is missing an opportunity to provide customers with customizable or creative options. (Photo by Alex Carranza)

The burger I ordered was a standard, run-of-the-mill fast food burger. I would not exactly say the meal was anything special, but the burger itself was far from being bad. The patty itself was well-cooked and tasted rather ashy but delicate at the same time. The toppings and condiments on the burger were a welcome addition, with pickles that offered a nice, tart flavor, and onions that offered a tasty, acidic twist to the burger. The real star of the show, however, was the bun, specifically the top one. The fun surprise that Bumper 2 Burger offers its customers is the branding of its top bun, on which the restaurant’s logo is stamped. It is something so different and fun, and I was happy to see something new for once. The logo does not do anything to change the flavor of the bun (at most, it toasts the bun ever so slightly), but it is such a neat detail that separates the restaurant from any other burger place I have ever been to. 

The fries were pretty decent, although a little too salty for my liking, though that could depend on the cook. The drinks are not anything to write home about: they are standard, just as those offered at any other restaurant. Again, expected options are not a terrible thing, but original beverage offerings would be nice as well. 

Ultimately, what did you think of the restaurant? Would you recommend it, or not, and why?

I would recommend Bumper 2 Burger to those who are bored of their typical restaurants, but I have definitely had better burgers, and so I would not exactly go out of my way to eat their food, but I would not discourage others from going there either. Overall, the restaurant left a good impression on me, and I would not complain if I ended up going back.