Top 5 (random) musical genres and artists to listen to when bored

Take a deep dive into Alex Carranza’s top 5 artists to listen to when bored.


By Alex Carranza and Adan Villa

“Starboy” album cover. Album was released in 2016 and is also the title of one of the songs on the album.

#5  If you want R&B: The Weeknd

Kicking off the list, there is no better artist that you should check out if you want to get into R&B than the Weeknd. Starting off on YouTube and uploading his music anonymously under the name “The Weeknd”, he has risen up in the world of music rapidly, and continues to be one of the most prominent faces in not just R&B, but the music industry as a whole. He even performed at the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show. Songs from “Starboy” to “The Hills” offer the listener a trip into The Weeknd’s discography that he offers which is like no other current artist. 




Kanye West performing at a Lollapalooza event, donning a red outfit and chains.

#4 If you want hip-hop: Kanye West (aka Ye)

A top contender for the most iconic and influential rapper ever: Kanye West. Working his way to the top and starting with the “College Dropout” album, released in 2004, Kanye has garnered recognition around the world, going from a producer to an actual rap artist. His discography offers an abundance of great songs, ranging from “Flashing Lights” to “Runaway”. His most recent album, “Donda” offers many songs that sound like they could be a part of his older albums, as well as new songs and sounds never heard . There is nobody else in the hip-hop game who does music like him. Starting off with “Old Kanye” albums are a safe bet such as “College Dropout”. A lot of people seem to “miss him.” 

Alice in Chains performing live in 2018, featuring their new singer, William Duvall, who replaced Layne Staley as the bands lead singer after his tragic death.

#3 If you want grunge rock: Alice in Chains

While not as famous and big as Nirvana, Alice in Chains offers a very similar style to their music, albeit with a darker overall feel. Do not let that discourage you, however: their music sends countless messages of mental health to the listener, and the band proudly boasts some of the catchiest guitar riffs and vocals in rock music. From songs like “Would?” to “Man in the Box”, the band offers a fun, yet somber, trip into their music. 



Kendrick Lamar at a live performance, donning a unique sweater and getting the crowd hyped.

#2 If you want lyrical rap: Kendrick Lamar

Another contender for the greatest rapper currently in the game, Kendrick Lamar is once again, like no other. His lyricism can only be described by listening to the songs themselves. He raps about his own experiences, such as his childhood and addictions. Some of his songs put the listener in his shoes (“u”).  Songs such as “How Much A Dollar Cost” and “XXX” are only some of his amazing hits.

The members of TOOL doing one of their strange photoshoots, in what appears to be an old house.

#1 If you want progressive rock: TOOL

TOOL is truly one of a kind when it comes to rock music. Their music is considered “progressive rock”, a genre which bends the usual rules, allowing musicians to try creative approaches and experiment with their sound. Once again, and with complete certainty, there is not one other music group like them. They are arguably one of, if not the greatest rock band of all time, and they deserve more publicity. They are a band that begs for your patience, as at times, some of their songs clock in at 10 minutes or more. Their songs can be satirical and humorous, inspirational, dark, or simply just full of energy. Songs like “Parabola” and “Sober” are completely different in tone, but offer the listener a trip into some of the most unique sounds of all time.