Athlete Spotlight: senior Bridget Weber dances into the spotlight


By Julissa Munoz and Chuck Baumgartner

What sport(s) do you play?

 I’m in dance production and then dance team, and then I did track a couple of years.

When did you do track?

I did track sophomore and junior year, and then I did dance team and dance production all four years. 

And do you enjoy dance?

I love dance, I’ve been dancing since I was little.

How long have you been participating in dance?

I’ve been doing the dance team and dance production all four years here and, then out of high school I’ve been dancing since I was in kindergarten.

What made you decide to join the sport? 

Honestly, I was always going to the football games, and I was in middle school and I would see the dance team, and I would be like, oh my God, I wanna do that. And just like seeing how nice they were. I’d go to the kids camps they would do and they were so nice to me. 

What do you like most about dance?

I like being part of a team: it was a really good introduction into high school, and making friends. And it gives you a lot of confidence, just being part of a team, and knowing that you’ll have those friends there, no matter what.

What has been your most memorable experience dancing at WEGO?

Probably last year, we placed third at Conference. After all the competition season, then we placed third, which was, like, really exciting cause we usually didn’t place. 

Who inspires you as an athlete?

Well my sister’s best friend was two years older than me and she was on the dance team. And when she was a sophomore, and I was in eighth grade, she really tried to get me to go onto dance team, and just like really hyped me up about it. So yeah, my sister’s best friend, Abby Sullivan.