A Quiet Place Part ll smashed box offices and gave audiences long-awaited sequel to original noteworthy film

By Sasha Baumgartner, Editor-in-Chief



Imagine, in what is considered modern-day, the natural world as people know it has been destroyed by monsters that cannot see but can only hear in a western New York town. A strong but broken mother who has found one way to scare the monsters away wanders with her three children – looking for some sort of hope.  

After losing a father, son and many friends after the devastating events the Abbot family faced at their farm home outside of town in A Quiet Place, they must venture out to what was once their lively town to see what comes next for the survivors. In complete silence, this family of four – once six – ventures to find any life or existence. With bare feet and a young baby in a soundproof box, they walk to avoid noise. They are able to find one survivor, an old friend. Sharing resources and devastation with one another, they search for hope, and strive to get away from sound-triggered monsters. Emily Blunt stars as the mother with her three children, Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Jupe), and an infant. The film is directed by Blunt’s real life husband John Krasinski, who played the father in the first movie. Now available on streaming, it is clear A Quiet Place Part II was successful upon premiering: it made $297.4 million dollars in the box office.

A Quiet Place Part II is a thrilling, heart- jumping and eventful movie that will transport viewers into the Abbott family’s reality. 

A Quiet Place Part II had beautiful cinematography. The shots and angles where the movie was filmed made the audience feel as though they were there experiencing this terror. The shots of the actors, too, were perfect, really showing raw emotion and representing the moment just right. 

Furthermore, the acting in this movie was immensely distinguished. Both the adult and child actors did an amazing job conveying their character and illustrating how each of the different personalities were dealing in this situation. Viewers see the motherly concern and protection from Blunt and the children, who were trying to be brave, but at the same time were terrified.

The computer generated imagery (CGI) was incredibly realistic throughout the entire movie. The monsters were slobbery, creepy and daunting whenever they appeared on the screen. The CGI really makes or breaks a horror movie because if the monster does not look realistic,  then it is hard to get that chilling feeling. A Quiet Place Part II definitely hit the right note with the CGI,  making the monsters look completely real. 

To conclude, the film A Quiet Place Part II is definitely worth viewers time and energy. This movie will give audiences the enjoyment of well crafted cinematography, extraordinary acting that make viewers feel as if they are there, with realistic CGI that gives the terror to the monsters.

Be careful when reading this article, though: even the slightest tapping of the foot or talking might prompt a visit from an unwanted creature. 


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