Capitol riots prompt question if the United States is a beacon of democracy


The catastrophic events of Jan. 6 will forever be seared into the consciousness of the American people. Who would have thought that the United States is living through history as we speak? 

What occurred on Jan. 6 is straight-up domestic terrorism and insurrection incited by the president of the United States with the aid of the president’s GOP allies. 

Five lives were lost that day over the injured pride of an egotistical man who would not admit defeat. One of them was a Capitol police officer who succumbed to his injuries days after the attack.

This treacherous act of violence calls for the immediate removal, resignation, or impeachment of Donald Trump. He can longer serve as the commander-in-chief for the remaining time of his presidency.

As mentioned above, Trump is not the only one to blame for this incitement of insurrection. His GOP allies, senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley have their hands stained with blood as well. 

Their continued efforts to undermine the presidential election and the voices of millions of voters fueled Jan. 6 riots on the Capitol. Alongside Trump, these GOP congressmen need to be removed from office immediately.

These insurrectionists came to the Capitol armed and ready to take hostages. A noose was seen hanging outside the Capitol for God knows what they had planned to do. One insurrectionist had taken zip ties to handcuff the congressmen and women. 

Not only was Jan. 6 the first time the Capitol was raided since 1814 but it is the first time the Confederate flag has been flown on Capitol. Keep in mind that we are in 2021.

Some insurrectionists stole public property such as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s mail and podium during the riots. Pelosi’s office was trashed from papers splattered all over to smashed glass.

According to the Associated Press, one insurrectionist had the audacity to disrespect a highly respected office in the land by sitting in Pelosi’s chair and placing his legs on her desk. That scene in Pelosi’s office is an image forever seared in the minds of the American people.

Our foreign allies saw how easily penetrable our Capitol was and how easily some Americans are manipulated. A British newspaper went as far as to call the United States anarchy.

This is not the United States and the insurrectionists that marched on the Capitol are not the American people. The American people are better than this.

We need to make clear that we are moving forward from this because if we don’t the United States will no longer be the shining beacon of democracy.