Daughters and fathers bond through coaching

Kelsey Sayner, daughter of David Sayner is the new jumping coach for the girls track team. She was on the track team when she was in high school.

By Hector Cervantes, Reporter

Not only does the school have two new female coaches for girls track, but they are alumni whose fathers coach track as well.

Kelsey Sayner coaches sprinting alongside her father, David Sayner. When she was in high school she ran track and cross country.

Katie McLeland coaches sprinting and jumping. Her father Paul McLeland coaches boys distance track. Katie McLeland swam in high school.

“I think it’s great Kelsey is coaching with me because number one, she has been away from college for four years so I get to spend time with her,” David Sayner said.

Kelsey Sayner is going to graduate school to be a physician’s assistance.

“Her graduate school does not start until June so there is an open window for her to coach now,” David Sayner said.

Katie McLeland sees her father as a role model.

“My dad has taught me that it is about the athletes and the kids you are working with and to help them reach their potential,” Katie McLeland said.

Katie McLeland has a masters in criminal physiology and her father taught her to train in strength training and speed.

“I am proud of my daughter no matter what she does and to see her here in her realm makes me proud of her,” Paul McLeland said.

For the past few years, girls track only had male coaches.

“It is nice to have female coaches and the past few years we have had male coaches and with Katie and Kelsey we have two female coaches, which is nice for girls track,” David Sayner said.

According to Katie McLeland, it is exciting to be coaching just like her father because there is a lot to learn.

Despite being a distance runner in high school, Kelsie Sayner is learning how to coach sprinting and jumping.

“When she was in track she was a distance runner and now she is coaching jumps and sprints. Even though she was familiar with track, she was not that familiar with sprints so we have done practice with the starting blocks, handoffs and I have been doing things with her. She incorporates some new things like yoga as well,” David Sayner said.