Top 5 Lil Baby songs

Lil Baby is one of the top recording artists in the rap genre. (Photo illustration created by Wildcat Chronicle staff with royalty-free image from Mark Angelo Sampan and Axe via

After spending two years in jail for a probation violation, and missing out on his child being born, Dominique Armani Jones, now age 29, knew he had to get a grasp on his life and make it better. He came to fame after his debut studio album ¨Harder Than Ever¨ with his song “Yes Indeed”, featuring rapper Drake, peaking at 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2018. Of course, most fans know the Atlanta, Georgia native by his stage name, Lil Baby.

In the last five years, Lil Baby has made a name for himself and produced a number of top-selling singles. Here are the top five:

Lil Baby performs at an open air concert in Fauenfeld in 2019. (Photo by Frank Schwichtenberg via Wikimedia Commons) (Photo by Frank Schwichtenberg)

#5 “In A Minute”

In Lil Baby´s most recent song on this list, which comes from his album “It’s Only Me”, he raps about his rich lifestyle after coming from a treacherous childhood in Atlanta. The contrast between the rich and expensive lifestyle he now leads, and the gang and weapon-filled neighborhood he left behind, is evident. He talks about “jet ready, pack the Goyard” and a “shootout at the spot today, tomorrow, we in a new location, free all of the guys, I hope y’all beat the case or get probation.” Lil Baby´s flow with the beat makes the song catchy, yet calm, though he focuses on the struggles of gang life in the lyrics.

“Social Distancing” took on more than one meaning in the rapper’s single. (Photo by Fresh Hip-Hop and R&B)

#4 “Social Distancing

”Social Distancing” is a song that Lil Baby released when COVID-19 started making headlines. Yet, the song is interesting because he seems to be alluding to the fact he is at the top of the rap game – while also addressing the pandemic. He sings, “I’m social distancing man, these ‘fellas’ can’t touch me, I can’t get sick.” Like every other song on this list, “Social Distancing” is super catchy, and Lil’ Baby’s beats in this one are unmatched. He discusses the idea that he is so far away from other singers in the rap game that it is like he is social distancing from everyone, and cannot be touched.

Lil Baby at Icebox in 2020. (Royalty-free photo courtesy of Icebox via Wikimedia Commons)

#3 “Heatin Up”

“Heating Up” is definitely one of the more hype songs that Lil Baby has produced, mostly because a fellow rapper, Gunna, is on the track as well. When Lil Baby and Gunna make a song, it is almost an automatic hit. Their prior collaboration, “Drip Too Hardpeaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 list in 2018. They do not rap about anything meaningful on this track, but flex about expensive cars, clothing and even drugs. Nonetheless, even non-Lil Baby fans will feel like “Heatin Up” is a catchy song with a strong intro and lyrical melody.

#2 “Emotionally Scarred”

In Lil Baby´s song “Emotionally Scarred”, he is looking back at the influence that his previously poor “hood life” left on his current mindset. Lil Baby recalls growing up in poverty, and explains that his come up prompted him to cut-off many people from his life so he could get where he is today. He sings, “Everybody can’t go to the top, I had to leave some people”. This is one of Lil Baby’s deeper, more emotional songs, which is why it ranks so highly on this list. 

It is clear the rapper is also a humble person who never takes anything for granted, as he states in the song, “I never call myself a G.O.A.T., I leave that love to the people”. While more of a lowkey song, “Emotionally Scarred” is mellow, perhaps even sad, unlike the hype songs that people mostly know him for.

The artist performs at HYPE Fest in August 2019 (Royalty-free photo by Alex1337 w via Wikimedia Commons)

#1 “The Bigger Picture”

Lil Baby´s hit song “The Bigger Picture” peaked at number three on the Billboard Top 100 in 2020. The track focuses on the killing of George Floyd, and Lil Baby’s thought that it is unfair “they killing us for no reason,” as he states in the song. In 2020, when the BLM protests were underway, Lil Baby used his power to try to spread awareness: this song has some built up anger about the death of Floyd, and is super honest on how Lil Baby feels about the police, and the world as a whole. 

Listeners who like hype songs about something they can connect to will find “The Bigger Picture” a must-listen.