Seniors come up clutch in annual Powderpuff game


Photo by Mang Pi

The juniors stand on the 2-yard line, trying to punch it in for a touchdown.

By Adrian Munoz, Reporter

The juniors and seniors faced-off against each other in an annual battle at West Chicago Community High School called the Powderpuff game, a flag football match that allows the winner bragging rights as to who is better between the two. The event happened on Memorial Field at 2:00 p.m. on Sept. 16. 

While the juniors and seniors put on a show, the seniors were ultimately declared the winners with a final score of 56-49.

Girls from both grade levels went head-to-head on Memorial Field, where they faced off to prove who were the better athletes in the school. 

Within minutes of the game, the seniors were up on offense. It took just three plays for senior and Homecoming Queen Anna Lesny to score, traveling straight up the sideline without interference. 

“I was hoping no one would pull my flag ‘cause that’d be super embarrassing, and I’d get really mad,” said Lesny. 

Though the seniors put points up early on, it was a back-and-forth game, and the juniors were not scared to come back with a play of their own. The coaches for the juniors had drawn up several plays beforehand, and one of their star players, Kali Waller, scored at least six touchdowns within that game. 

“Kali Waller was impressive. With a strong senior season next year, she could go down as the greatest Powderpuff player in modern history,” said Marc Wolfe, Activities Director.

“Us juniors had a great strategy, and we made sure we were using our practice time wisely and coming up with plays. I think during the game we played very well and were aggressive on both ends of the ball. Our defense was able to pressure the seniors which led to an interception and our offense was able to read the seniors defense allowing us to work our way around them,” said Waller.

Junior Kali Waller scores her fourth touchdown in the first half of the game. (Photo by Davis )


With the game nearing half-time, it was still neck-and-neck, though the seniors were up a touchdown. The coaches for the juniors, Zachary Wiegele, Carlos Allen, and David Terrazas, shouted hectically, and juniors strove to get a stop and another touchdown of their own.

“The last 20 minutes were moments that were really tense and felt unreal because of the score being pretty close all fourth quarters,” said junior Natalie Fernandez.

It seemed the juniors might turn the game around, as the seniors were having trouble moving the ball and just seeing the play out as they continued their march down the field. 

“[It’s] not too good. We are losing and nobody is doing stuff,” said senior Audrey Dolor at the time. She did not realize her team was winning.

Part of the seniors’ strategy, according to Dolor, was “to just keep our hopes up.”

By the end of the half-time, both teams were tied at 35 to 35, and broke to get some water in their systems before the next half. They took a short break, talking about gameplay and next steps to get their team back on track. 

““I think, for sure, we are putting a 100 percent effort towards this win. These girls really pour their souls and heart out into this team, and we are gonna catch a dub,” said senior coach Mark Stavenger.

The final 20 minutes of the game came down to whomever had the ball last because each team was scoring left and right. 

With 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter, the seniors had possession of the ball. Coaches Stavenger and senior Jaden Preston drew up plays, encouraging their team to march down the field with the hope of scoring. Lesny used speed to get yards, while Dolor worked on intimidating the other team.

Senior Daisy Garcia applied all her efforts to help her team get closer to the endzone. And she caught the ball, thrown towards her by a teammate, Garcia swerved all over the field, trying to bob and weave through juniors who wanted to stop her from scoring. She juked about three people heading up the middle as she dove into the endzone for the final touchdown to seal the seniors’ win at the Powder Puff Game.

There was, however, some controversy with regard to the last seconds of the game. 

“The juniors’ mindset was to win and have fun, but in a way, I felt that a lot of the juniors were upset at the fact that the clock was stopped seconds before it went off and gave the seniors the advantage to set up their play and score on us. I would say if the clock wasn’t stopped we would have gone to overtime and maybe something would have gone in our favor. Yet it was fun, but all love to the seniors!” said Fernandez.

“This year’s game was one of the most exciting games we’ve ever had. It was back and forth and literally went down to the final play.  The Juniors have not won since 2013, and they almost pulled it off this year. I think everyone there enjoyed the action and it was great to have all the support for our students on a fun filled Homecoming Friday,” said Wolfe.

Adrian Munoz

Upon their victory, all the seniors jumped up and down with joy, bull-rushing Daisy as the crowd cheered for the seniors’ successful win against the juniors. 

“I felt content because I loved how everyone got together and we all celebrated as a whole, like the class of 2023. That moment will be like my high school highlight,” said Garcia.