“CSGO’s” action-paced gameplay leads it to be popular


Photo by Simulator Mods

“CS:GO” is a low-risk multiplayer game worth checking out.

By Daniel Kuriakose, Reporter



“CS:GO” is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series, and the first multiplayer game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. (Photo by Valve)

“Bomb has been planted.” 

The attackers successfully plant the bomb after clearing a site, placing boxes around the area as protection in the video game CS:GO. Now, they have to try to protect the area from the defenders who are trying to diffuse the weapon. Ratatata goes for the gun, and then suddenly, the bomb goes off and the attackers win the round.

“Counter Strike: Global Offensive”, or more commonly known as “CS:GO”, is a video game in which terrorists go against counter-terrorists for control over an area. There are 5 players on each team, all randomly selected before the game starts. To win a round, players must either kill the enemy or let the bomb blow up for terrorists. To win as the counter-terrorists, there are also two ways to win: kill the enemy team or diffuse the bomb before it blows up. 

The game was released in August of 2012 for Windows, macOS, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. It was later added to Linux in 2014.

“CS:GO” is a recommended game that will be enjoyable for people who like playing multiplayer shooter games. There is a brief introduction/tutorial that lets new players get a feel for how the game goes and gives them the ability to decide whether they want to continue or not. The game is also free, so anyone can try “CS:GO” without the risk. 

Graphics are an important part of any game and they enhance the game playing experience. The game is based on a military operation that revolves around war. Therefore, all of the graphics, which feature realistic lighting and weather systems, look like it could actually be from somewhere on Earth. Although there are multiplayer titles with stronger graphics and frames per second, “CS:GO” offers detailed scenes that are impressive for a free game.

Because teamwork is essential to the game, players will also find that they may meet new people who could become friends later. 

The graphics, including these realistic shadows, are part of what makes “CS:GO” such an impressive game. (Photo by Phoronix)

When a “CS:GO” game starts up, new people are introduced to each other through the loading screen, where stats for the other players can be seen. This meeting increases the overall knowledge of the player base. These new players could become friends who will be played with frequency.

Players will be impressed by the fact there are multiple game modes that come standard with the game, including competitive, casual, deathmatch, arms race, demolition, wingman, flying scoutsman, retakes, and danger zone.

Competitive and casual games could last around 25 minutes. The other game modes are typically less than 20 minutes. These short rounds can suit anyone’s time scheme so that they will not run out of time in the middle of a game.

Overall, “CS:GO” is enjoyable and will be a great fit for people who need a new shooter game to play. The building of teamwork, meeting new people, and all of the different game modes help shape the game into what it is today. 

Those who love fast-paced action, strategy-based gaming, and working as a team to complete complex missions that will have players on the edge of their seats need to check out “CS:GO” this weekend.