Things to do this spring break on a budget


Photo by Karina Lemus

By Karina Lemus, Reporter

If you have been waiting for a break from school – and being able to enjoy time with your friends – here are some ideas for enjoying spring break on a budget.

With spring break around the corner, students will have a week off school to celebrate the warm weather and welcome time off from school. There are many ways high schoolers can enjoy their break with family and friends without spending a large amount of money. Not every high schooler has parents who pay for their every expense or can afford a trip during spring break, so these are ideas that will not break your pockets.

Idea #1: Room re-do

One thing you can consider this spring break is re-doing your room. Pinterest has many ideas for decorating a room without having to pay hundreds of dollars. Redecorating can be a way to get creative and keep your mind busy. Plus, having a clean and newly-redesigned room is also something that can brighten your day and help keep you organized and looking good. Some key decorating trends to consider include:
-Thrifting furniture from a store like Goodwill, or Facebook Marketplace.
-Adding LED lights
-Creating a grass wall feature

Luca is one of several recommended videos to check out this spring break. (Photo by Disney)

Idea #2: Game Night

Game night is always a good idea to keep you entertained and close to family and friends during a school break. Hosting a game night can include games you already have or new ones you can get at Walmart. One special game (my favorite) to play with friends, especially if you are having a long night, would be the Murder Mystery Game you can buy at Walmart or Target for less than $30. It is a game that gets you thinking – and you will find you become very talkative as you try to deduce the murderer. You can always play classic UNO or Monopoly at a game night as well.

Idea #3: Movie night

Movie night is a classic idea many forget about: being with friends or family, eating popcorn and other junk foods, AND watching a scary or funny movie can be memorable and fun. Some good movies to watch over spring break would be:

-Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

The author’s latest bedroom update: a hat wall to provide organization and storage. (Photo by Karina Lemus)

My Plans

Besides working this spring break, I will be spending a lot of time with my family and friends trying to make the one week off school I have worth it. I am planning on hosting a game night with my friends – this is something we try to do every once in a while to spend time with each other, taking into account our busy schedules.

I also just finished redoing my room last month, and I love that it looks and feels like a brand new room. I set up a hat wall and then placed LED lights around my bed. Additionally, I added a smart light bulb that can change color using an app on my phone. I got a rug as well. All the new d├ęcor came from Amazon.

If you are also remaining in the area and would like any more recommendations, I suggest checking out this website which lists the top 50 things to do on a budget over spring break.