Athletic Spotlight: Annie Gillespie builds positive connections through dance


Senior Annie Gillespie is a long-time member of WEGO’s dance team.

By Sydney Radke and Chuck Baumgartner

What sport(s) do you play?

I am on dance team.

How long have you been participating in dance?

I have been on the team since freshman year, so I’ve been in it all four years of high school.

What made you decide to join the sport?

I had been doing dance before high school for a couple of years. I had done it when I was a kid, and I had tried other sports but I just didn’t really have a passion for them, but dance was always just something that I could be really creative with, and so I decided to join. And then when I got to high school, I figured I would try out and I ended up making it, and I’ve loved it ever since.

What has been your most memorable experience dancing at WEGO?
There’s definitely a lot, but probably one of my favorites was during our football season, which is my favorite time, we had our senior night, and it was just a very cool experience since I had seen everyone else get that and then it was finally my turn. So it was just really fun and everyone was super happy.

Who inspires you as an athlete?

My coaches inspire me as an athlete just because they know me so well and they are able to push me to reach my potential. And it is just a very good and positive connection that we have, and that’s how most of my team feels too, so that’s just really special.

How has the experience on the dance team been?

It’s been a very positive experience, and it has given me a lot of confidence, and just helped with a lot of other, like aspects of school, and just growth…of high school.

Did it take a while for everyone to become super close or was it like a super quick thing to happen? Like starting freshman year, or even this year?

Freshman year everyone was just a little awkward but everyone got pretty comfortable with each other pretty fast especially in the past two years because our season got all messed up because of COVID. But everyone has just been super close, and we all get along really well, which is really special and, I think very unique for a high school sport.