Performer Spotlight: AnnaBelle Beaird shares her passion through choir


Photo by Photo courtesy of AnnaBelle Beaird

Junior AnnaBelle Beaird is a member of both the honors acapella chamber choir and concert choir.

By Alyssa Amabile and Adan Villa


How many years have you been involved in choir?

“Since freshman year, so about three years. But also for one year in middle school, at Leman.”

How did you get into choir?

“I’ve always really loved singing, and wanted to try it out.”

How old were you when you started doing choir?

“I was probably 11 or 12. I’ve always liked singing so one day I thought it might be fun and exciting to join.”

What do you like best about choir?

“I think my favorite thing is the people and the relationships I’ve built out of it.”

Beaird performs with the choir at the National Honor Society Pancakes with Santa event in December. (Photo by Leslie Fireman)

Who has really mentored you as a performer?

“My voice teacher and my whole family who are also into music as well, they always give me good advice. Also, my choir teacher Mr. Fantozzi.”

What would you tell someone who is interested in joining choir?

“That they should definitely join, depending on how much experience they have, it may seem a bit intimidating at first but it’s actually really fun!”

What is next for you (in high school, college or beyond)?

“I definitely wanna continue doing music or choir and either be a teacher or a performer. I would like to go to Wheaton College. They have a music conservatory and a lot of my friends and family members go, and have went there, it’s really close by.”