Anime admirer speaks of his favorite pastimes


Photo by Anthony Barrera

Osmar Vilchiz strolls through the drive-thru at a fast-food restaurant.

By Anthony Barrera, Reporter

Osmar Vilchiz, a sophomore at West Chicago Community High School, is a person who has a devotion for his anime and needs to get his daily fix of these Japanese cartoons. His particular favorite is One Punch Man.

He has a few anime memorabilia items, like some Naruto sandals, which he was sporting during the interview in addition to an anime shirt (I will not say what it illustrated since the subject was not school appropriate, and as he said, he was going to burn the shirt anyway). Osmar owns numerous anime posters, and, of course, anime figurines which he refuses to talk about in-depth. He also reads manga, and has a handful of manga at his disposal. It is clear Osmar is a fan of Japanese animations.

Sophomore Osmar Vilchiz tries on a bathrobe; he also owns several anime shirts. (Photo by Anthony Barrera)

When asked what he likes about anime, specifically, Osmar stated “I like the good animations, the good story in an anime.”

In fact, he first watched anime when he was a just a child.

“I was like four or five when I started watching Dragon Ball Z. It was my favorite show to watch when I was a kid,” Osmar said.

Childhood also produced a scarring experience for Osmar, who was once stung by bees after irritating a bee hive. Even now, he is now afraid of bees thanks to the childhood incident. 

Indoors, however, Osmar is building a PC with the help of a friend – who may, coincidentally, be the reporter behind this profile – though the computer is not complete; as he puts it, “I’m missing the CPU and the GPU.”

There is a shortage of CPUs and GPUs currently due scalpers and cryptominers, and, generally, a poor allocation of cards which caused the graphics cards to resell for high prices (a $300 RTX 3060 now goes for $600-700 as a result of the shortage). Osmar does have the motherboard, PC case, RAM, memory, and the power supply selected; however, his parents are going to buy the parts for him since he used to work as a busboy at a Japanese steakhouse called Kiku, but was unfortunately let go for failure to turn up for work.

In his defense, he said, “I had to go to church for my first communion.” 

Osmar with some of his family members in the backyard. (Photo by Anthony Barrera)

In his free time, Osmar enjoys playing on his PS4, hanging out with his friends or cousins, or helping his father fix cars. Osmar has a relatively small schnoodle dog, Pelucho, who is “does some stupid stuff.” 

Freshman Jair Medina, Osmar’s cousin and friend, said Osmar is “funny to be around, and he sure loves cars.” 

In fact, Osmar’s dad, Jaime “Chion” Vilchiz is a mechanic. Both enjoy going to Oregon, where they buy cars and restore them to sell them for a higher price in Illinois. Due to his dad’s connections, Osmar obtained a 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo in mint condition for free.

“It has a 350 small block v8 engine,” explained Osmar.

His dad also purchased a 1990 Ford Bronco in July 2021, and as of right now, Osmar and “Chion” are still working on the SUV, checking the parts to determine if they work, in addition to trying to add a sound system, and tuning it up so the Bronco could be optimal for daily driving in Illinois.

Osmar mentioned in our interview that he would love to own a Dodge Hellcat in the future due to its horsepower, but he thinks Teslas are “trash.”

Other students and staff spoke highly of this anime lover and car enthusiast, describing him as a “laid-back” and fun-loving character who enjoys making others laugh.

“We used to go to the same elementary school. Back then, he used to be quiet,” explained sophomore Marvin Garcia, “Now, he is funnier and happier. He likes making a lot of jokes.”

Garcia and Osmar are completing their second tech support internship this year, and Garcia is in Osmar’s English class.

English teacher Steve Aiello said, “If my English class was a sailboat, Osmar would be the wind that helps lift us through the school year. He brings a positive energy to class each day that makes learning more fun for everyone involved. He is loved by his peers for his quick wit, and goofy attitude. There is seldom a class period that goes by when Osmar is not saying or doing something that makes either myself, or other students, laugh. Despite his laid back appearance, he knows when to be serious, and looks at things from a fresh or interesting perspective. I think I speak for all the students in my 4/5 period class when I say that it would not be the same without him.”

Although Osmar does not have any solid future plans, he is a good student and a member of the yearbook club.

Although Osmar claimed, “I haven’t done much,” it is clear he is an interesting person with extensive car knowledge and a love for anime, two interests which make him stand out.