Top 5 trucks of all time


By Corey Brothers and Anthony Barrera

As the year drags on, the weather worsens, becoming more “truck-friendly” with constant autumn rain, slick November ice, and December snow. These elements can be fickle, but not when it comes to big, good-looking, imposing trucks. Below are our top five trucks to crush the elements while still driving in style.

#5 Ford F-150

The F-150 is the most common and iconic truck when you think of Ford. The truck comes with a twin turbo v6, has 400 HP and comes with an automatic transmission. This is a solid truck, which is why everywhere you go, almost every truck you see is a Ford F-150. It is an all-around trusty, durable, and reliable vehicle.

GMC Denali

#4 GMC Denali

The GMC Denali is a beautiful looking truck that screams luxury. With this line, GMC tries to target that higher market, and to stand out from the rest. The GMC Denali comes with a 5.3 or a 6.2 L V8, that is stop/start and 355 horsepower. The Denali is heavily modifiable, like Chevy, as the trucks are so close in design. The GMC Denali is a truck that has earned its place over the rest of GMC’s lineup for its size and its luxurious look and feel.

Ford Lightning

#3 Ford Lightning

The Raptor before Ford actually made the Raptor, the Ford Lightning has a v8 engine capable of 240 HP. This car can usually be seen at your local drag strip, as it is also heavily modified. The new 2021 Ford Lightning is setting out to make the lightning line of trucks get back into the spotlight after a hiatus, and possibly put those puny Tesla cars to shame. The old Ford Lightnings are now rare, and now cost around the same as a brand new Mustang.

Ford Raptor

#2 Ford Raptor

The Lamborghini of the truck world, the Raptor comes with either a v6 twin turbo eco-boost engine capable of 450 HP or a v8. This truck can take a beating with its amazing suspension, but it gets the same MPG as a 2017 Camaro. The Raptor is one of the few vehicles that does not lose much of its value over time. It is big and fast, which enforces Ford’s slogan “Built tough”.

Dodge Ram SRT

#1 Dodge Ram SRT-10

In production between 2004-2006 the Dodge Ram SRT-10 came with a v10 SRT engine with the option of either a manual or automatic transmission. The SRT Ram was able to accelerate from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. This truck can surely beat your stock or even modified truck, and is just iconic for its performance. If you truly know your trucks, when you are asked about the best truck that money can buy, you would say the Dodge Ram SRT-10.

Although the top 5 trucks are undeniable, we asked students at Community High School to tell us about their favorites in the vox pop below. Make sure you stay tuned for the outtake from our very own Charlie Baumgartner.

Anthony Barrera and Corey Brothers