Homecoming football game is energizing but one-sided

By Ryan Pencek, Reporter

Friday, October 1 touched down with an exciting homecoming game at West Chicago, one well-anticipated after the global pandemic. 

Homecoming has been absent at West Chicago Community High School since the pandemic almost two years ago. Friday, October 1 kicked off an eventful day, starting in the morning, when the cheer team welcomed WEGO students as they walked into the school, and the band playing SAMBA in the hallways. At 10:40 a.m., the students congregated at the football field, where they were greeted by the band playing for the assembly. Afterwards, most of the students went to a Food Fest outside entrance H. After the students ate; the Homecoming parade stepped off at 12:45 p.m., lasting an hour or so. A short time later, the Powder Puff game presented an intense battle between junior girls and senior girls on both halves of the field . The Pom Boys cheered on the seniors, who were up 14-7 by half-time. But, not to worry, the show was not over: the Pom Boys pulled off an amazing dance that livened up the crowd. After halftime, the close Powder Puff game was back on, leading to a senior victory, 21-14, just hours before the Homecoming football game, which started at 7:00p.m. that same night.

While the events leading up to the Homecoming game provided entertainment and a sense of normalcy, this review centers on the football game, the true key event in any Homecoming celebration. The game was an overall positive experience for anyone attending, with the student section cheering and chanting. The dance and cheer teams boosted morale, and the band played to put the cherry on top, leading an eventful and fun Friday evening. 

Unfortunately, the game was very one-sided. It was one-sided due to the Wildcats’ struggle to do anything while in possession of the ball. In the end, the Wildcats lost with a final score of 44-0.

Because the gameplay itself was lacking, one highlight of the game came from the halftime show, which lightened up the mood of the disheartening game. Halftime involved of cheer team, dance team and the band entertaining the audience.

Another highlight of the game came from the student section, hyping the players up. First down was made, the students went wild, and gave the game more energy. Also, the chanting of the students – even if the team was down – was energizing, and did not allow the team to lose hope until the game in its final moments.

Overall, the Homecoming football game featured a lively student section and fans, but the game itself was disappointing and one-sided.

Nonetheless, students were thrilled to be back in the stands and on the field after more than a year.

Above, photos from the Homecoming parade and Food Fest, taken by staff photographer Fernando Cavillo-Morales.



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