Look through the eyes of artists in the Gallery 200 ‘2020 Show’


Study hall teacher Britta Renwick displays ‘Crushed’ at Gallery 200. The work represents Renwick’s emotions during 2020.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Editor in Chief

In memory of a pandemic and politically charged 2020, the ‘2020 Show’ at Gallery 200 showcases art created during the emotionally charged year. 

“Some of the pieces were made by artists to help them cope with their fears, pain, and uncertainty during these unprecedented and worrisome times. Some of the art was produced to show that there is always beauty, even during dark times,” study hall teacher and artist Britta Renwick said. “The one thing all these pieces have in common is that they were produced during the year 2020, a year none of us are likely to ever forget.”

Participating Gallery 200 artists include Renwick, Margaret Bucholz, Marge Hall, Judi Horsley, Kathi Kuchler, Heide Morris, Sue Tripp, and Marita Valdizan.

“I am the featured artist coordinator. Part of that job is that I make sure we have a new featured artist every month. I made a call for Gallery 200 artists interested in participating in this particular show and told them the idea behind it,” Renwick said.

The 2020 show opened on Feb. 12 and ends Saturday. 

The artwork Renwick presented is titled ‘Crushed’ based on Renwick’s emotions. 

“I originally called this piece ‘2020’, because of the pandemic, politics, and nastiness of tone that brought me to the point that this piece needed to be made. I needed it to help me deal with the feelings of fear, disappointment, pain, loneliness, anger, and sadness,” Renwick said. “I decided that I wanted to call my piece after the way I felt, I felt like I was being crushed by events and feelings. This piece and the year 2020 taught me that I can always count on my art, no matter what goes on around me. I am forever grateful for that.”

Another exhibit has been planned for April. 

“We will put up another Gallery 200 Exhibit called ‘Art in Full Bloom.’ This is an annual show we normally hold only in May, the month of the West Chicago Blooming Fest (which was canceled for this year), but this year we will have ‘Art in Full Bloom’ show at the gallery for the months of April and May,” Renwick said. 

While creating the artwork, Renwick learned that art is important in their life.

“I learned that I need art even more than I was aware of before. I always knew that art was very important to me, but last year I really felt it help me heal, which is huge. I am a very lucky person to have art being such an important part of my life,” Renwick said.