Voting season has begun


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Election day will be Nov. 3.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Editor in Chief

Voting season has begun and people are sending in their votes.

“The first step is that a person has to be registered to vote, and has to meet the registration requirements. In the state of Illinois, you have to be 18 by the time of the general election which is Nov. 3. You also have to be a resident where you live and you have to be a citizen of the United States,” government teacher Candace Fikis said. 

People can register to vote in various places including city hall, the department of motor vehicles (DMV), at the school, or online. 

“There are some people (at the school) that are certified registers. Those include John Chisholm, (and) Roberta Felfle they can register you in person,” Fikis said.

Anyone can register to vote online or look at documents needed by visiting

Information on the nearest polling station or where you are assigned to vote will be sent in the card that you received after you register to vote or by visiting the website

It is recommended that you mail your ballot one week before election day. 

“It is available right now and there are many locations where you can early vote. You have to check because with COVID-19 some of the places that have normally done it, aren’t open or are open for less hours,” Fikis said.

A list of early voting locations and hours are listed on the website

For any questions, students can contact government teachers.

Due to election day, there will be no school Nov. 3.