A way to help a student-run business learn job skills using donations


Photo by Jennifer Walker

Staff can donate shirts until Friday in room 1130 for the special education transition team to use for their new business.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Editor in Chief

To give students a way to practice for a job, the special education transition team created a student-run business. 

“The business will provide job experience and training for our transition students ages 18-22. These students are working towards real-world job readiness skills and independent living skills,” transition coordinator Jennifer Walker said. 

Wego Tees was created by former transition coordinator Anne Dragosh and lead transition teacher Katie Sullivan.

“Currently, we are in the very early stages of beginning our business.  At the end of this month, students will begin learning about how the t-shirt press works and the procedure for applying transfers onto the t-shirt,” Walker said.

To have students practice, staff can donate t-shirts with a design or no design until Friday in room 1130. 

“(Shirts) the students can practice on while they learn how to use the machine and the specific safety procedures,” Walker said. 

Walker hopes the business expands to making shirts for a club or sport. 

“We are working together as a team to create a website for staff to place orders, to develop an order form, and to figure out the pricing for each t-shirt that the clubs and teams would have to pay,” Walker said. 

Money made from the business will be used for the program to pay for resources for the students as well as helping students learn money managing and budgeting skills.