The Class of 2021 will be the first to enter the school building for the SAT


Photo by Isabela Casimiro

Before testing began, the class of 2021 prepare to take the SAT after being rescheduled due to COVID-19.

By Isabela Casimiro, Perspectives Editor

The senior class will be able to take the SAT that was canceled last spring due to COVID-19 on Wednesday. 

“(Last year) the junior students did not have the opportunity to take the SAT in the spring of 2020,” Assistant Principal Allister Scott said. “This is the replacement for that exam and it is both a graduation requirement and an opportunity for students to take a free college entrance exam.”

Supplies that students will need on the day of the test will be their test ticket, photo ID, pencils, and calculators.

To ensure the safety of students and the faculty in the school building, the school administration scheduled two separate testing dates. 

“A group of students will be coming on Wednesday. Students with accommodations will be coming on Wednesday and Thursday. Then another group of students will be coming down on the 27th,” Scott said. “We’ve done this so that we can adequately social distance students throughout the building.”

Before entering the school building, students will be required to follow a set of guidelines provided through a letter that was mailed.

“We’re going to require students to come in at different times and entrances to spread out students. Masks will need to be worn throughout the day,” Scott said. 

A self-certification process form will be emailed on test day that is required by the school to determine if students are safe to attend school. Students over 18 that do not fill out the form online before arriving at the school will need to fill out the form at the building or if under 18, have a parent or guardian go with the student to the school to fill out the form to enter the building. 

“As students come into the school, (someone will) scan your ID and it will either show that you’ve done the self-certification process or that it will need to be done in the building,” Scott said. “This is to ensure that students do not have symptoms when they arrive at school.”

Any student that is presented with possible COVID-19 symptoms will be taken to the nurse’s office and the school administration will evaluate the situation. 

The SAT will be the same as in previous years.

“It’s identical. It’ll be the same exam they would have given in the spring,” Scott said. “My recommendation is to always try and take a couple of practice tests since this isn’t something you can study for.”

During the 10 minute break, the school is considering providing students with a snack and water.

School faculty are looking forward to seeing the senior class enter the school building.

“I know this has been some interesting times and we’re really looking forward to having students back in the school building even if it is to take a test,” Scott said. “It will be nice to see the senior class and our focus has been to ensure that everything goes well to get more students back into the school building.”