With live streams, WeGo Drama continues with yearly shows


Photo by Mark Begovich

Junior Maggie Hancock adheres to CDC guidelines, wearing a mask while performing.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Editor in Chief

With COVID-19 affecting clubs and CDC guidelines in place, drama teacher Mark Begovich continues to share his love for art with drama shows.

“The one thing is that probably the industry that had the biggest shake-up is the arts industry. People don’t realize how important they are to our society. We as artists know that we have to still play a role,” Begovich said. “As a teacher and sponsor, I just want to keep fostering that love of the arts with everyone.” 

One way to further Begovich’s mission was a one-act play that was broadcast Oct. 2-3 through a live stream. 

“Our program (is called) “intersections” because it’s about how people meet, and even in the crazy COVID world, and all the different things that happen when people meet,” Begovich said.

Drama is preparing for two shows, one that has no announced date yet and “Spill” for Nov. 7-9. 

“(One) is a radio play of Hitchcok stories and a high school premiere of an amazing play called “Spill” which is about the Deepwater Horizon,” Begovich said.

Deepwater Horizon is the largest oil spill in U.S history that took place in 2010. 

Although the members are practicing virtually and in-person using social distance, for the members it is difficult.

“I feel like one of the major things about drama and performing is being with each other and like connecting with each other and going off of each other’s energy. So having this separation from Zoom is (that) you don’t really get the same feeling,” junior Vinny Lamantia said. 

Even with CDC restrictions, junior Maggie Hancock is glad drama was able to continue.

“I’m glad that we can do something (since) that’s what I really love to do. It would be really sad if we didn’t have the opportunity to continue making art,” Hancock said. 

Drama club meets every Tuesday and includes a meeting and activity. 

“Students have the ability to get involved and do a variety of things. Additionally, the ability to be involved in our shows which we are creating very safely maintaining social distance,” Begovich said. “We’ll work it either remotely or in-person in small groups. We’ll record it (shows) in small groups and then we’ll put it together.”

Information for auditions will be posted in the WeGo Drama classroom with code JB7LWMH.

“Everyone can still get involved this year. Even if you have basic club activities so that you’re not just feeling alone in your home. We’re here for each other,” Begovich said. 

For live streams or information on shows, visit https://www.wegotheatre.com/