A weekend full of games while learning with classmates and teachers


Photo by Charles Vokes

Students and staff got together for Snowball on Jan. 17-19 with a weekend full of games and food.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Editor in Chief

As a way to get students and staff together, Snowball took place Jan. 17-19 full of games and food. 

Snowball started over 20 years ago by now-retired special education teacher Cat Thielberg.

“I’ve been in Snowball for 13 years. My first time I was just behind the scenes, helping out, personally I didn’t know what I was getting myself into,” Snowball director Krysta Schoenbeck said. 

Experience was just a part of why Schoenbeck decided to stay.

“Having everyone together breaking down barriers, each year I learn more about myself. I think the students and the staff do too,” Schoenbeck said.

Snowball occurs once every school year at Laredo Taft for a weekend which included around 60 students and 12 adults this year.

Leaders are chosen based on interviews with staff members.

“They fill out an application to be leaders of each of the small groups. Usually, we like them to at least have attended once (but) we have had a few special occasions where somebody has really knocked out at an interview without attending,” Schoenbeck said. 

Small groups are led by one adult and two or three teen leaders. 

“We had seven groups this year and (the activities we did were) starting on Friday night a getting-to-know-you activities games, introductions, and then we lead it into some type of Friday night speaker. This year our theme was ‘This Is Me.’ Saturday morning starts with six different workshops,” Schoenbeck said. “Sunday morning is the last meeting as a team before parents come and pick them up.” 

Students wanting to attend Snowball need to fill out an application form that is available in the student activity center before Snowball takes place. 

“It did cost $140 this year. We try to fundraise as much as we can each year to lower the costs of that,” Schoenbeck said.