First time playing for school turns into a championship win


Photo by Dave Jennings

Boys varsity soccer player Lukas Stary becomes emotional after the team wins the Class 3A Championship. This was Stary’s first time playing on the team.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Editor in Chief

With a successful season and a picture that became popular, center back player Lukas Stary finished his first time playing for the boys varsity soccer team with a championship game full of emotions. 

“I wanted to cry but I wanted to be really happy. I was kind of sad because the season’s over and I really had a lot of fun, meeting new people, doing it for the community,” Stary said of the well-known photo. “What we accomplished was just incredible. To show that anyone can do anything if you put your mind to it, and teamwork is a big thing.” 

Stary recognized he could not have had such a successful year without key players, including his coaches Jose Villa and Dorian Carrasco, his family, and the fans for the support. He is thankful for all of them.

“(On) the first day of trials, Coach, for picking me to be on varsity (since) I wasn’t sure if I was going to get picked or anything. My parents and my little brother because they’ve been with me through the whole time I’ve been playing soccer,” Stary said. “The community especially when they all came out to play. Just seeing everyone there cheering and hearing the chant was inspiring.” 

Although the season has ended, Stary enjoyed spending time with the other players outside of practice. 

“When we would go out to eat together that would be really fun. (If) we were in Olive Garden and we eat spaghetti, we would try and see who would eat it faster,” Stary said. 

During the season, Stary endured a personal hardship that helped him become stronger.

“It was during semifinals, I got a call from (the) Czech Republic and my cousin was in the hospital paralyzed. It was a big obstacle because I couldn’t stop thinking about that, but I also wanted to win. I was in between that. I feel (that) when we won the semifinal, I was like ‘if we did this, she can do better over there,’” Stary said. 

Stary is unsure if he will play for the school next year, but he hopes to be a professional soccer player and play in college. 

“Northern Illinois University, DePaul, and Indiana have offered me (to pay) half for just soccer,” Stary said. 

Stary sends support to all students with a goal. 

“Do everything you can to get to that goal. Let’s say you want to do something, don’t just think you can get there but work for that. If you work hard enough. Just keep a goal in mind and follow that,” Stary said.