Annual triathlon postponed until Monday


Like the previous years, students participating in the triathlon had the opportunity to practice in the pool. The triathlon will take place on Monday.

By Isabela Casimiro, Perspectives Editor

The 6th annual triathlon was canceled due to bad weather but was rescheduled for Monday.

“We really didn’t want to cancel it but because of the cold weather and the rain,” physical education teacher Paul McLeland said. “(We had to take in consideration) the kids in the triathlon but also the people watching.”

Rescheduling actually had a benefit for the triathlon.

“We have more people doing it now because it was canceled,” McLeland said.

Students who participate will swim eight laps around the pool, ride the stationary bike for three miles on bike mode at a level five, and will run one mile on the track.

Each student will have a manager that will help them with the triathlon such as getting towels or carrying the participant’s gear to the next station.

Based on the fastest time record, one male and one female student will be chosen as the winners.

“If they win, they get their picture taken and it will be on the board,” McLeland said. “It’s just the notoriety that you are number one.”

There has been some consideration for a couple of changes for next year’s triathlon but nothing has been officially decided on.

“We are toying with the idea of next year doing a relay which will be one person swim, another person on the bike, and another on the track,” McLeland said. “It will be a team of three and will be a separate competition from the individual one.”

The triathlon offers students the opportunity to try something new.

“It allows you to do something new that people around the world and students get a small taste of it,” McLeland said.

The triathlon will run from zero to eighth period and students in PE classes will have the opportunity to witness the race.