French exchange students enjoy last minutes in Chicago


Photo by Ariana Alcantar

French host Guadalupe Perez give last hugs to her French exchange student before leaving for the airport Tuesday.

By Isabela Casimiro , Perspectives Editor

After their two-week stay in the United States, the French exchanges students flew back to France with newly made memories.

“(I enjoyed) the buildings in Chicago because it is a symbol of the U.S. since we don’t get to see them in Grenoble,” French exchange student Ines Jablonska said.

Some fast food restaurants are not common in France and it became the first time Jablonska tried them.

“The donuts at Dunkin Donuts was my favorite food since we don’t have donuts in France,” Jablonska said.

After experiencing a day at WeGo, a handful of things caught the French students’ attention.

“The school is so big and you have a swimming pool,” French exchange student Angelique Aguttes said.You can also use your phone in class and in France, you can’t use them.”

While staying with their host student, Jabloska was grateful to have her host.

“She’s taking good care of me and she’s like a mom to me,” Jabloska said. “Always checking if I’m alright and giving me food.”

The French exchange students weren’t the only ones making new and meaningful memories.

“Hosting was super fun, especially when you are playing ‘Super Smash’ with them,” senior Emma Albrecht said.

For senior Nefertiti Sanjurjo, the most memorable moment was the experience of having someone over from another culture.

“My favorite part was getting the experience of having someone from a different country stay over,” Sanjurjo said.

Although the French students’ stay was short, the new and everlasting memories will go on forever.

“I will miss them a lot because I was just getting close to them, had the extra time to take them out, it’s a lot of time and effort to do it,” Sanjurjo said.