Athletic director calls timeout, retires after 11 years


After 11 years, Doug Mullaney spends his last school year as an athletic director.

By Ariana Alcantar, Editor in chief

The friendships made, the multicultural environment, and the passions for sports are characteristics that athletic director, Doug Mullaney is going to miss when he retires Oct. 1.

“I love the multicultural school, there is no doubt the lessons that I have learned here,” Mullaney said. “I (also) adore the administrative staff. I’m going to miss their friendship.”

Mullaney loves the athletes’ passion for sports.

“A game for them (athletes) is the only thing that matters and it’s passionate, it’s real, the tears are real and the sorrow is real, the exhilaration from winning is real and I like that,” Mullaney.

Taking pride in the school is what Mullaney believes high school sports is all about.

“The kids need to be in a safe loving environment so they are free to compete, to succeed and fail, and that’s the innocence of high school sports because we’re all competing for the same thing, pride for the school,” Mullaney said.

For current and future athletes, Mullaney offers words of encouragement.

“Don’t be afraid to fail in sports. Explore hidden talents, build relationships and expand your horizons,” Mullaney said.

Mullaney wants to be remembered “as somebody who really understood somebody’s situation whether it be good or bad.”

One of the tasks athletic directors do is getting transportation and sports schedules for athletes.

“I want to make sure this office has everything in place for the new athletic director (but) my work is definitely not done here,” Mullaney said.

During his retirement, Mullaney wants to spend time with his family.

“I’m going to be spending time with my kids and grandkids. I will exercise more and I will enjoy having my coffee at 8 a.m. rather than a 5:30 a.m while watching Good Morning America,” Mullaney said.

The current director of student services David Pater will be the new athletic director.