Trump must end his pro-communist acts and care for America


By Isabela Casimiro, Perspectives Editor

President Donald Trump will be meeting the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un for the second time in his presidency nearing the end of February in Vietnam.

According to BBC News, the announcement was made Friday after Trump met with top North Korean negotiator at the White House.

What’s the reason for a second summit?

According to CNBC, the first U.S.-North Korean summit was to discuss the removal of the nuclear arsenal, which Pyongyang has done little to nothing in doing so.

A second summit will just be a waste of time and is most likely Trump’s idea of a diversion from the current government shutdown that has left 800,000 federal workers without their first paycheck.

The purpose of the summits with North Korea is to negotiate a nuclear agreement with Kim but if Trump isn’t willing to negotiate on re-opening the government in our country, then he shouldn’t be negotiating about international affairs.

According to The Atlantic, Trump has threatened to withdraw from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) saying, “The U.S. is paying for Europe’s protection, then loses billions on Trade.”

He’s threatening to pull out of a military alliance between North America and Europe that has defended each other from communism since the 1940s.

Trump is not concerned about the American people or U.S. allies and is far more interested in his communist friends, especially Russia.

According to The New York Times, Trump has met with the Russian President Vladimir Putin five times in his presidency.

How many times has Trump met with U.S. allies and managed to do something good for once?

Never and to make matters even worse, whatever was discussed between the two of them is still a mystery.

As reported by The New York Times, on the first meeting, Trump took his interpreter’s notes afterward and ordered him to not disclose what he heard to anyone.

Trump still denies any Russian interferences in the 2016 election but the constant meetings with Putin and hiding information of what was discussed says otherwise.

What is it with Trump and communism?

Both nations where he has invested most of his time with have been communist countries since long before the Cold War.

It’s time for him to care about America.