Get Santa and his elves to deliver an early gift with candy cane gram sale


Photo by Isabela Casimiro

Freshman Sofia Schumann buys a candy cane gram during lunch. It will be delivered by Santa and his elves.

By Isabela Casimiro , Perspectives Editor

Students and staff members can send each other candy cane grams as a Christmas gift with WeGo Global’s annual fundraiser during all lunch hours until Wednesday.

The idea to sell candy cane grams originated from the “Mean Girls” movie.

“We’re selling them for a dollar each and it’s this piece of paper where you write down who you want to send it. You can put who’s it from or it can be anonymous to make it special,” executive board member Maria Giannoudakos said.

The candy cane grams will be delivered by Santa and his elves on Nov. 13 and Nov 14.

“They (Santa and his elves) will come in each classroom and deliver the candy gram,” executive board member Camryn Liberio said.

Auditions for Santa and his elves will happen Wednesday during the club’s meeting in room 183 and are open to everyone.

“If you want to be either Santa or an elf, you can show up, but you have to be passionate and obnoxious,” Giannoudakos said.

Funds collected will be donated to Rise Against Hunger as a part of their food element.

Rise Against Hunger is an international organization helping to end hunger by 2030.

“They distribute food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable and mobilizing the necessary resources,” Liberio said.