WeGo Global focuses on 7 Elements to help the world


Photo by Ariana Alcantar

WeGo global executive board members meet to finalize the Human Race event which will take place Saturday at Kress Creek farm.

By Leslie Najera-Rivas, Reporter

WeGo Global will sell baked goods at the Human Race fundraiser on Saturday at Kress Creek farm as part of their 7 Elements-themed year.

“We are partnering with an organization called 7 Elements. What this organization does is, they work with the United Nations and have identified the seven elements of human security for every person to be safe, and you have to have all seven of these needs met in your life,” WeGo Global sponsor Maggie Haas said.

The seven elements stand for health, food, environment, personal, community, political, and economics.

“Our first one is focusing on community where for a person to have community security it could be safety between your individual town or group where you live and community so that you’re not being persecuted against,” Haas said.

The Human Race will be part of the community focus.

“The Human Race is a collaboration between WeGo Global and the cross country team, it started four or five years ago from a student of mine that was on the cross country team and it was basically a race for a cause,” Haas said.

Human Race funds are donated to different organizations.

WeGo Global plans on selling shirts and baked goods to help with the cause.

“(We will sell) at the cross country meet and then the group decides where the money is going to go. This year (the race) it is smaller, but we decided to keep that partnership going so that we can see if we can help some people out,” Haas said.

Haas hopes people spread awareness with the fundraisers and videos that will be shown during announcements next week.

“It would be great if people could realize that the seven elements are not just an international thing, it is also a domestic thing. There are people in the United States that don’t have those needs met,” Haas said.

As the club began planning their activities, they changed the way the club works.

“Getting rid of the semester focus, allows us to do anything that we want and we won’t have to search for new things every time we finish a project,” WeGo global member Maria Giannoudakos said.

On Tuesday, the club will continue their bake sale during all lunch hours.