New website helps students with college and career planning

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New website helps students with college and career planning

By Ariana Alcantar, Editor in chief

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The counseling department introduced a new digital platform, Naviance, that will help students navigate the college admission process.

“Naviance is called a college and career platform and it is similar to Career Cruising which students have used in the past,” division head of counseling Len Egan said. “(Naviance) has a lot more features and useful things for the students here at WeGo. Naviance is going to be the place where students explore and maintain anything that has to do with the college and career planning.”

Naviance allows students to build a digital portfolio as well as to search college and career interests.

“We will use (Naviance) to explore careers to take some personality inventories, to request transcripts (and letters of recommendation), to build a resume, test scores and to log community service hours,” Egan said. “It also has Roadtrip Nation (a program where students that have graduated college don’t know what they want to do as a career so they go around the states and visit different store owners). When students become seniors then it will help us assist with the college application.”

Naviance is available to all students and they can log in using their school email and password.

“Anyone can log onto it right now. We have met with freshman and they have logged on. We have (also) posted a ton of information in the senior Google Classroom,” Egan said.

Students are encouraged to use Naviance.

“When students apply to college, whether they go to Naviance or through the college, they will get directed to the college’s website, but when they want to send their transcript that will have to be done in Naviance,” Egan said,

If students don’t know how to use Naviance, help is available.

“Everyday during all lunch hours there is always one counselor in the college and career center and their job is to be there and answer questions that students have (about Naviance),” Egan said. “We want to get as many students on there (Naviance) as possible.”

To get help, students will need their Chromebook but do not need to make an appointment.


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