GSA plans homecoming week bake sale to bring club awareness


Photo by Ariana Alcantar

Senior Jay Ratphimpha bakes rainbow pretzels in the family and consumer science kitchens for their homecoming bake sale.

By Ariana Alcantar, Editor in Chief

GSA will gather in the family and consumer science kitchens to bake pastries Monday after school for their bake sale during lunch hours until Friday.

“(We’re holding a bake sale) for two reasons, one is to get awareness for our club early and two, to raise some funds,” GSA adviser Christina Sladek said.

GSA will be selling rainbow pretzels, rainbow krispie treats, and cookies for a $1 each.

The club does not have a planned amount to raise.

“Whatever (money) we get would be a plus,” Sladek said.

Funds raised are donated to LGBT organizations like Youth Outlook and 360 Youth Services.

“In the past, our club was an unfunded school club so we split the funds, we kept half for club purposes, and the other half we donated to LGBT organizations that support youth in the local community,” Sladek said.

This year, Sladek hopes to see the club grow.

“(Our goals are to) try to be more visible in the building, (to have) different event, different fundraisers, to encourage students who are either LGBT or allies to join the club, and to help the students have a safe place,” Sladek said.

GSA participates in events like the Elmhurst College Big Gay Gathering, “Rainbow Week” leading up to National Silence Day, Pride parades, and they go to the movies.