Senior athletes sign intent to play volleyball in college

By Ariana Alcantar, Multimedia Editor

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Two volleyball players committed to their respective schools and signed letters of intent as parents and coaches stood behind them in support Wednesday.

Senior Laura Katarzynski will be attending the University of Northern Colorado and will be an outside hitter for the girls volleyball team.

“When I visited this school, I loved the people, loved the volleyball program, and I had the feeling that it was the right school,” Katarzynski said.

Katarzynski attributes the help received from others to her success.

“I’m thankful for my family always being by my side and having that relationship with them,” she said.

Senior Angelina Gromos will be attending Northern Illinois University at DeKalb and will be the middle blocker for the girls volleyball team.

“I chose this school because I wanted to stay in the Midwest. I visited the school (and then) they offered me a scholarship, so everything felt right that’s why I picked NIU,” Gromos said. “Plus all my family can come watch me whenever they can.”

Gromos credits her family for her success.

“(I’m thankful for) my parents because they are so supportive they have my back at every single game that my dad will drive like two hours come see me, so I’m most thankful for them,” she said.

Gromos wants to major in marketing and minor in sports management.

“I want to minor in sports management because I still want to stay in the volleyball world (after college),” Gromos said.

Katarzynski is undecided in her major but wants to go into the art field.

Photo by Ariana Alcantar
Senior Laura Katarzynski signs letter of intent with University of Northern Colorado to play volleyball.

Photo by Ariana Alcantar
Senior Angelina Gromos signs letter of intent with Northern Illinois University to play volleyball.

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