Conference game ends in a tie


Photo by Hector Cervantes

Midfielder Jasmine Mendoza tries to block the ball against Elgin High School. The team tied with a score 1-1.

By Hector Cervantes, Reporter

After a week of games, the girls soccer team is recuperating and competed against Elgin with a score of 1-1 Saturday.

“This is our seventh game in eight days so we have been playing every day. The game ended in a tie. So, the team is mentally tired right now,” head coach Cesar Gomez said.

In the first half, Elgin scored. Junior Kayla Schwartz from West Chicago scored in the second half.

Gomez believes that Elgin is equally competitive as West Chicago.

“Elgin only played against South Elgin this week so they came in more stronger than our team. We can beat Elgin but the team was tired after playing many games,” Gomez said.

One of the most difficult games in the season, Gomez mentioned, was against Sycamore March 22.

Sycamore scored the winning goal the last minute of the game.

“It was a tough game when we versed Sycamore. They won when they scored the last point in the last 23 seconds of the game. But, it was nice to win against Evanston 3-1,” Gomez said.

Most of the players on the team are underclassman.

“We have a young team so a lot of the team does not have that much experience. But, the team is doing their best to improve.” Gomez said.

In order to improve, the team practices by doing drills and focus on the way they dribble the ball.

“Drills are important for the team since it helps them get the skills needed to control a ball more,” Gomez said.

The next game is away Friday against Oswego.