Strong start to the season brings another victory

The basketball team extended their winning record to 5-1 with a 51-37 defeat over Streamwood. Senior Tai Bibbs, left averages 13 points per game.

By Hector Cervantes, Reporter

After winning the West Chicago Thanksgiving Tournament, the boys basketball team brought another victory by winning 51-37 against Streamwood  Saturday.

“It was one of those games where it was a win we were hoping to get. It was a game that wasn’t the prettiest of the games in the world and that has to do a lot with just the style of play that the other team is doing,” head coach Bill Recchia said.

The team’s record is 5-1.

“I felt like I played good for the first half. I had 6 points and a few rebounds on the first half. The second half we could have came out stronger. We should have won by about 20 points more,” junior Alen Mahmic said.

In order to improve, the team focuses on becoming better in their practices.

“We need to keep doing the little things better. We need to do this everyday in practice and make sure we are doing something better than we did the day before. By doing the little things right we can become a better team,” Recchia said.

The team finds any opponent that they face to be competitive.

“We take one game at a time. We worry about the game at hand. Every team that puts on the shorts, jerseys and shoes are considered a competitive team,” Recchia said.

The next game is away on Tuesday against Kaneland High School.