Individual wins not enough to advance team


Photo by Nayeli Lara

Regionals for math were held at Batavia High School against eight other schools. Math teacher Charles Vokes helps juniors Jenna Palka and David McGhee prepare for a test.

By Stephanie Bowie, Reporter

The season for math team is over after not placing at regionals on Feb. 27.

Math team had three members place at the Upstate Eight Conference on Feb. 18 to advance to regionals.

Even though regionals was a loss, the team still feels that they tried their hardest.

“We did pretty good at conference where we had four juniors place. Regionals is hard every year so nobody placed in that, but we all tried our best,” senior Shelley Parat said

Juniors Ross Behr and Jenna Palka placed second for individual competition, junior David McGhee won third for individual competition, and junior Josh Bowen finished fourth for individual competition.

Lack of funds prevented the team from competing more, but the team is planning on working harder next year to attend more tournaments.

“This was only our second tournament and that’s probably why we didn’t do so well, but I feel like next year is going to be really good and we’re going to be doing a lot more fundraising so we can do more tournaments,” sophomore Kyra Saflarski said.

Next year they are hoping to have twice as many members to help out with fundraising so they can do more competitions.

“This year we’re double what we were last year so I’d say we’re almost at a full team, minus maybe one or two people but I expect next year to be completely full,” coach Charles Vokes said.