Donations dress teachers as turkeys

Photo by Nayeli Lara
Physics teacher Robert Beal won the contest to wear the turkey suit two years in a row.

By Kyle Paup, Editor in Chief

Generous donations from students put two teachers in holiday themed costumes for the day as a result of the annual turkey drive.

The Student Council sponsored turkey drive consists of members walking around the school with boxes that have a teacher’s name written across the front. Students donate money, and whichever teacher has the most in their box by the end must wear a turkey suit for a day.

Unlike previous years, two teachers were selected to wear the suit on Friday.

“Last year we only had one teacher, it could have been male or female, but this year it is both male and female (in an effort) to raise more money and give every teacher a shot to be in the turkey suit,” Student Council president Roshan Patel said.

English teacher Lauren Stewart is the female winner after having $63.72 donated, and science teacher Robert Beal is the male winner after collecting $62.29. According to Patel, the grand total has not yet been counted, but is estimated to be from $300 to $400.

Beal, who won the honor of wearing the turkey suit last year, is not surprised that he is reunited.

“It’s always a blast, and I can’t wait,” Beal said.

Stewart does not share the same level of optimism towards the honor as her co-winner.

“I feel pretty insulted because people think that I deserve to be a turkey. I think that I am generally not a turkey, I think I’m a winner,” Stewart said.

However, despite not seeing the prize as a compliment, Stewart has decided to make the best of the situation.

“When I found out that I was $40 ahead of my competition, I told my students that whatever money they did put in the box I would match to donate. I figured that’s how I could take a bad situation for myself and make it better,” Stewart said.

Student Council will be donating the sum of the money collected during the drive later in the year.

“We’re going to save up all the money and donate all of it towards the end of the year during Relay for Life. That was a big hit last year, and we’re going to start off with a big hit this year by donating all of that money that we get right now,” Patel said.

Relay for Life, which occurs towards the end of the year, is run by multiple clubs and collects money for cancer research.