Annual showcase brings marching season to a close


Photo by Kyle Paup

Marching season is over after the final performance given on Oct. 26. Senior players were recognized by wearing blue capes during the showcase.

By Kyle Paup, Editor in Chief

Marking the end of marching season, members gave a final performance on Oct. 26 during the annual marching band showcase.

“It was the end of marching season review concert where we played everything that we played throughout the marching season, as well as a bunch of pep tunes that we play for pep band season,” band director Stephen Govertsen said.

The showcase occurs annually in Bishop gym on the Monday after the last football game.

According to Govertsen, this year’s concert had positive results.

“There was (a good turnout) and we played well,” Govertsen said. “It was legitimately a good concert, and I’m not just saying that because that’s what you’re supposed to do. It was actually a very good concert.”

Band will have another concert in December before the semester is over.

“We have other stuff going on before that, but our next big concert is Dec. 16,” Govertsen said.